Bird Room Dreams

I have a bird room. It’s just your average bedroom with a closet and a window. But I have so many cool ideas of what I would like to do with it. I invite you to take a trip through my imagination. You don’t have to pack any special clothes, and you don’t need immunizations. Ready?

Featured image  As long as I’m dreaming.

The first thing I would do is pull out the horrible old dark green carpeting and put down a wood floor. The walls could use a vinyl covering that is easy to clean. For the window, I want to put shutters up so that a little light or a lot of air can be let in.

Featured image  This is a ceramic wood tile. 

Currently this bird room houses one sun conure and one orange front conure. These two are only being fostered, and their dad should be taking them to his house soon. Next to them is a half moon conure and a green cheek. Crazy bitey birds, both of them. I have a pair of lovebirds in a small cage because the male had a stroke and doesn’t get around very well. They are retired and just going to live with me for the end of their days.

Featured image  Now this is awesome!

I have a pair of budgies who were too young to set to breeding when I got them, but next July they will move to the outside aviaries. I have two elderly male canaries, a green singing finch, and four pair of zebra finches.

Featured image  AN idea for dividing the play arean.

I would love to take the shelf out of the closet (the pole was removed years ago) and create a finch aviary there. The back wall would need some insulation, since it faces the sun and gets very warm in the winter. I would turn one end of the closet into an air lock, so that I could go in, close that door, then open the actual aviary and take care of food, water, and nest boxes.

Featured image  Something like this but as a closet.

The rest of the room I can see as a huge playground. Play stands, ropes, slides, ladders, and swings all over. If at all possible, I need to find a way to section off a couple areas, so that more than one parrot might be in there at a time. I need to find better ways to store the dishes and feeders that I use, because the shelves for that takes up way too much room. Plus I need to make that stuff inaccessible to the birds on the play areas.

Featured image  Most likely, I will end up with something like this.

Of course, there are some great ideas from Pinterest that would be the ultimate in great bird habitats. Sigh. I will have to keep dreaming. And here we are, back from our trip. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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