A Cozy Afternoon

Doubtless, people wonder why I share my life with so many birds. True, it’s a lot of work cleaning, feeding, and watering so many cages. And my special needs birds take extra attention. The parrots are noisy, messy, and many are too scared of people to be held and loved. But I love them anyway.

Each and every one of these creatures has a personality. Time and observation reveal their individual traits to me as I go about the duties of keeping them healthy. Congo African grey Bobo has a mischievous personality, we should have named her Loki. But she also is learning to enjoy the occasional head scratching session. And I can wrap her in a towel and hold her for a few minutes if I need to.

Featured image

Maynard after enjoying noodles

CAG Blind Io is all about sounds. He can tell when I am nearby. And when I have left the room, he calls for me through whistles and sounds. I will answer back to relieve his concern about my whereabouts. That will begin a back and forth play with sounds. It’s amazing.

Reading this blog, you hear a lot about Maynard. For a double yellow headed Amazon, he’s pretty mellow. He is also very entertaining. People love for me to bring him to various group meetings. He has his own fan club.

Featured image

New member of the Flock

I do get a reward for my attentions to the birds. Just yesterday, after feeding and watering all birds, inside and out, I took a break in my comfy chair to read. Maynard perched nearby and chewed on his toy. Outside the day was cold and breezy, but inside we were warm and content.

Featured image

This is totally my reading spot.  Only without the shevles of books. And no wood panelling. And without the velvet furniture or beautiful lamps.  And with a lot more feathers.

Wraith, an Indian Ringneck parakeet, dozed on his favorite perch, head tucked under wing. Dani, special needs orange front conure, lay in her open box, on her towels, taking a nap. The sun conures, Zazu and Sunny, were cuddled together, preening and dozing. The three cockatiels in the front window each staked out a spot and likewise took a nap. Only the new Indian Ringneck, Orion (or possibly Greengo) stayed alert, not used to being this close to people.

Featured image Dani the Orange Front Conure

The contentment of those moments is a priceless gift, something I can never repay my birds for providing. And when Maynard tires of chewing on things, he comes up to sit on my shoulder and play. He grabs my fingers in his foot, and bites his own leg. He looks so vicious. After a while, he settles down and lets me scratch and preen his head. Another golden moment is created.

In the past, I have had a small flock of lovebirds fly around the living room while I sat in wonder at their daring and skill. I was blessed to have some of them land on me to say hello, take a treat, and then jump back into flight.

Featured image

A happy flock of lovebirds, one green cheek trying to blend in.

And now I have baby lovebirds almost ready to be pulled and hand fed. I have learned valuable lessons from past experiences, and expect these three chicks to go on to make excellent ambassadors to the world of parrot companionship.

Golden moments, cozy afternoons, and satisfaction in doing a good day’s work are all my rewards for tending my funny, noisy, loveable flock. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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