Peculiar Parrot Tricks

Remember the bit on a certain TV show called Stupid Pet Tricks? Well, my birds aren’t stupid, but their “tricks” are kinda peculiar. I’ve mentioned several times that my toeless Congo African Gray parrot, Bobo, likes to hang by her beak from the top of her cage. Not really a trick, because she won’t do it on command. Only when she wants extra attention.

Maynard, the double yellow headed Amazon parrot on the first page of the blog has a trick that he likes to do, so when we had a bunch of friends over last weekend, I showed it off. I have a wooden shoe rack which is usually empty. Maynard’s first act when entering my room is to climb up on the rack and throw all the shoes off. I decided to just stand the rack on end, out of the way.

This kind of stumped Maynard, but then he decided to scale the poles that make up the racks. The square end piece is a great landing for him and he can see farther from up there. But he doesn’t always remember how to get down. This is a good thing.

tek grooming fin
Tekla and Fin

So I brought out the rack, and set it on a small table, then put Maynard at the bottom of it. He took a minute to get his bearings, but then he climbed right up it. I think he liked the applause.

I think sun conure Mookie was a turtle in his past life. His trick is to chew out enough of a cardboard box so that he can stick his head out and move around the bottom of the cage with the box on his back. It’s too cute.

Indian Ringneck Wraith had found the best perch when he is granted out time. Whichever handle on my exercycle is the highest, that’s where he perches. Of course, his neighbor orange front conure Dani likes to play dead on the bottom of her cage, but she also waits for any opportunity for Wraith’s long tail feathers to come into her cage. Chomp!

Just outside my back door I have two aviaries, one with my pair of ringneck doves, Storm and Sky, and one with a son of theirs who hasn’t got a mate. I call him Sport. From daybreak to sunset, Storm and Sport try to outdo each other in the best dove calls. So far, it’s a tie.

At the end of the day, when just the lovebirds are out, and it’s time to go to bed, Tekla and Fin are really good about climbing up to their new penthouse cage above the canaries. Tekla can only enter and exit the cage through the big front door. Fin can’t figure out how to exit that way, so I have to open a small side door for him. But on the way back, they manage to both find the big door. Good birds!

I forgot to mention that CAG Bobo used to hang onto large whiffle balls on a chain and let us swing her around. Her current cage isn’t set up for that activity. She does walk out on her sweet little stumps to a platform I hold up. She hangs on with her beak so I can lower her to the floor for out time. She does bite toes, so we have to wear shoes around her.

A few days ago, I accidentally dropped her when I thought she was going to bite my hand holding the platform. “Whoa!” she said when she hit the carpet. She didn’t seem to have any issues or injuries. The next day, when I opened her cage door and bent over to get the platform, Bobo threw herself off her shelf, as if she was trying to hit my back or just liked falling so much she wanted to do it again. Silly parrot!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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