Thankful Flock

I couldn’t begin to cover all the things and people and circumstance in my life for which I am thankful. I need more than one day, or even a four-day weekend, to cover it. I am so blessed and hope I can give back in many ways at every opportunity.

Instead of talking about me, I am looking at my birds and thinking what they may be thankful for. I’ll start with the outside birds. My doves are thankful for each other. Storm and Sky are happy in their private paradise (though I would wish for four times the size of the aviary for them) and their son Sport is happy that he can compete in calls with his dad. I have to think about getting him a companion soon.

best budgie babies

The budgies are happy for the three sweet chicks in the nest, and the lovebirds are confused because I pulled the chicks they have. But they will be thankful for a chance to lay more eggs soon. The cockatiels are happy for the abundance of sunshine and the pleasure of rain. The quail are thankful for each other. Snow was not a happy boy when he was in the aviary alone, but now he has two girls and he follows them around with love (or something) in his eyes.


Inside, Bobo is Thankful that she gets out time fairly often. Io is thankful for cardboard boxes. Maynard is thankful for plastic lids to chew and time with Mom. He even has learned to tolerate that new furry four-legged creature that wants to be with Mom, too. The canaries and grey singing finches are thankful for daily apple slices and fresh bath water. The three lovebird chicks are thankful that Mom finally figured out how to give them lots of food quickly.


The three cockatiels in the front room are thankful for out time and looking outside every day. Orion is thankful that we don’t come to bother him very often. Sunny and Zazu are thankful for each other, bananas, and cuddling. Dani is thankful that Dad checks her over every day since the scare when she got tangled in a hole in a towel. Wraith is thankful for out time and kisses from Mom.


The finches and canaries in the back room are thankful for an abundance of seeds and fresh foods. The budgies are thankful for companionship, and Benny and Blondie, lovebirds, are thankful they are retired. The cockatiels in the back room and Ethel the rosy Bourke are thankful they got to stay together when they were moved to make room for Orion.

Orion 2

Beeby and Esme, conures, are thankful they get new toys now and then. And Beeby is especially happy that his wings have grown out so quickly this time. Soon he will be swooping down on his unsuspecting human slaves and biting them to pieces.

Sadly, conures Sonny and Mookie would be more thankful if their dad wasn’t still homeless, and they could go back to live with him. It’s amazing how they react when he is able to visit with them. It’s heartbreaking when he leaves them. And I am helpless to resolve this situation. But it does make me thankful for the blessings in my life.

mookie and sunny

That leaves Fin and Tekla, lovebirds. They are thankful for being allowed out almost more than any other birds. They are thankful for paper to shred and for access to the canary cage tray so they can scavenge. They like to jump to the floor to test their wings and also to use the ladder to get back up to the play area. Fin is thankful for Tekla, who grooms his feathers for him and sometimes feeds him. Tekla is thankful for Fin for sharing his tent with her on cold nights.

I am thankful for them all, and also for you, my readers. I hope your Thanksgiving is full of reasons to be thankful. Thanks for reading. I’ll be back on Sunday.


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