A Parrot’s Holiday List

Today’s blog post is written by Maynard, the double yellow headed Amazon parrot who owns me.

Happy Holidays, folks! You know, your parrot needs to celebrate special days as much as you do. So be sure to include the feathered kids in the planning and decorating. For instance, when you bring a dead tree into the house, leave a few bare branches for parrots to perch on. We will add a few colorful decorations for you. You don’t even have to ask.

121015 stocking

If you hang up stockings hoping for presents to find their way in there, it’s best to use stockings with steel toes. Otherwise those presents might just fall out again. And anything that hits the floor is mine. Or if I want it, it’s mine. And even if I didn’t want it before, once you want it, I will change my mind and want it.

121015 cockatiel in xmzs tree

The holidays are a time of peace and good will. So make sure you don’t let too many feathered kids out at the same time. Also keep the dog and the cat far away or I might have to teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget. The cat’s okay, she’s outside most of the time, but that upstart dog is itching to be bit again.

121015 Hanukkah

Do not ever miss a chance to destroy elves on shelves. Scary thing, that elf. I much prefer the Mensch on a Bench. He’s got an adorable prayer shawl, a cute little beard, and his own wooden bench. I like to think of that as a munch. Hanukkah is a nice time of year, because those little dreidels make great bird toys! And a new present every day. Very generous.

121015 kwanzaa

Kwanzaa is fun, too, lots of good foods, great core principles, and gifts like Mancala game boards. Those playing pieces are fun to chase around the floor. And then there’s feasting. I really like Kwanzaa, it goes on for many days.

121015 eid

Eid-al-Adha has to do with some long dead character called Abraham. He was gonna kill his son, then he was told not to. And the son is all, Cool, Dad. Can I have the keys to the camel tonight? Don’t know why, but the thing is, people like to remember it with sharing of food with everyone. No one should go without! My kind of holiday!


121015 diwali

Diwali is a fun word to say. Diwali Diwali Diwali! Like Hanukkah, it’s about light. Little lamps filled with oil and set on fire. Not the best holiday when you have flammable feathers everywhere, but everyone wears their best clothes and shares sweets. Sweet!

121015 solstice

Of course, the Winter Solstice is important because that shows when it’s time to migrate and stuff like that. The shortest day marks the turning of the year, and we get more time to preen in the sun. It’s all complicated, but it means lots of fun, food, and frolicking.

If you celebrate all of these, some of these, or none of these, be sure to include your feathered kids in as many as possible. We love being with our people.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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