What Your Parrot is Thinking

This will be a short post. Just kidding! Actually, as we know, birds are a lot smarter than many people think. It seems crows are up at the top, maybe smarter than Congo African Greys, although I find that hard to believe. But the evidence can’t be argued with. http://www.welcomewildlife.com/worlds-smartest-birds/

But CAGs are at the top of the pet bird class and the parrot class, as they mature early, can amass huge vocabularies, and develop a sense of humor. Bobo laughes every time she has bitten a human. She has also adjusted her words, as shown by the fact we have no idea what her name used to be before she came to live with us, and the same for our other CAG, Io. But Bo will say, “Io!” in a disgusted tone when he is on one of his whistle and chirp serenades.

121715 silence

I wonder if she is thinking that he is a pain, and we just aren’t doing a good job of training him. Because she never goes on those noisy sessions like he does. She’s too much of a lady to wolf whistle at anyone. Poor blind Io doesn’t have much else in his life that is fun to do, so maybe we do let him go on and on more than we should.

Parakeets and Cockatoos are next in line for the smart bird roles. Budgies have always held the record for the largest vocabularies, and I did not know they could come up with words in context. Wow, that’s amazing! http://www.birdchannel.com/bird-species/find-the-right-bird/top-smartest-birds.aspx

121715 budgies

Why are birds as intelligent as they are? Well, part of it has to do with the fact they fly, and have to make decisions on the wing. There has to be a quick way to come to a conclusion that will keep the bird and possibly the flock alive. Also these are prey animals in many of their environments. They have to be able to decide if they are safe where they land, where they drink, and where they sleep.

That means your parrot is thinking: Can I eat that? Should I perch here? What’s happening over there? Is it scary or does it look like fun? Mom has food! And so on.

121715 mine

We’ve seen those funny things on Facebook about the parrot saying This is mine, and what you have is mine, and if I didn’t want it but now you want it, it’s still mine. That’s amusing but it’s not the actual truth. And one of the reasons parrots are usually scared of the new, brightly colored, shiny, spinning toy you just bought is because it hasn’t fit in to the evaluation yet. Eat/perch/distracted/fun/food. After a few days, it becomes acceptable and hopefully falls into the fun evaluation.

121715 day in life

I am sharing this link to a blog because of the comment, “One thing to be clear about is that all these birds are deserving of our respect and protection.” http://theknowledgenow.blogspot.com/2013/03/list-of-smartest-birds-guide-to-avian.html

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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