What to Get Your Parrot for the Holidays

Fresh food would be at the top of the list for at least half of my flock. The other half still turns up their beaks at quinoa and broccoli. If I get them toys, I have to leave them nearby until they stop being scary. Probably should start now for next year.

My lovebirds like whiffle balls. They carry them, stand on them, chase them around the cage or play stand. Bobo has her own large balls, and for an African Grey, that’s not hard to accomplish. She does like to play with them, but in the past she would hold on while we would lift her up and swing her around.

122015 corn husks

Mookie the sun conure just wants boxes he can hide in and chew up until he’s basically hiding under a strip of cardboard. He’s too cute.

So, with those in mind, and the rest in need of some treat or other, here are my ideas for parrot holiday gifts. These are for parrots of any size, but do use your knowledge of your bird to pick the best ones.

Foraging is the way birds in the wild survive. They spend most of their day looking for food. So keep them happy by giving them lots of opportunities to forage in their cages or on their play stand. A fresh corn husk makes a great wrap for fruit and nuts, and a small strip of the husk can tie it up in a cute bundle. It may take some time before your bird realizes there is a reason to rip the husk apart. But after that the bundle becomes a great treat.

122015 mash

I discovered over Thanksgiving that my parrots like cooked sweet potato. Making a mash-up of sweet potato and other veggies is a good treat and way to encourage eating good stuff. A warm dish on a cold winter day is something everyone likes around here. I also am amazed that my birds try to get my coffee or tea. I won’t let them have anything with caffeine, but herbals are okay. Turns out parrots like warm drinks. I must have overlooked all the tea houses in the rainforest. Get some high quality herbs and make your parrots a drink they will love. http://www.thebirdschool.com/parrot-feed/herbs-for-parrots-introduction/#.T65sjru4qsQ.facebook (I suggest dandelions to start.)

Other easy foraging toys can be made from the empty tubes you have when the toilet paper is all gone, or the paper towels. Cut a half inch or so down from each end, move over a tad and cut down again. When both ends are done, push in treats, paper to chew on, Popsicle sticks, and any other things you want your bird to play with. Fold all the little tabs you cut down to close off each end.

122015 cardboard

Cardboad is a super treat for most of my bigger birds. The budgies and finshes don’t care so much. But the conures and up chew the heck out of any box I give them. I grabbed a bunch of cardboard strips which were used to deliver sub sandwiches to the office where I worked. I can cut those up into squares, drill a hole through all the squares, and string up on poly-rope. Oh, and when you get drinks at your favorite coffee place, keep the carrier they give you. Great for chewing.

122015 happy holidays

These are just a few ideas to make your holiday happier with contented companion birds. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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