The Colorful Tree

Imagine you could train parrots and other birds to sit still on a holiday tree! You could decorate a tree as tall as the sky, and have the most stunning creation ever. Which birds would you use? Here are my picks.

At the very top, a golden conure to shine as bright as a star.

122415 golden

A row of beautiful gems comes next, humming birds in all their exotic and colorful confusion.

122415 hummer 2

Then parrotlets in blue, green, yellow, and white.

122415 parrotlets

And budgies, also known as parakeets, in those same colors but with longer tails.

The choir consists of canaries and finches, pretty and musical.

Popular cockatiels play with the toys and eat all the treats.

Rainbow lorikeets and other loris bring fun and joy to the tree.

I don’t want the birds to get bored, so I am going to include some bells and treats.

Conures, besides the goldens, are colorful and come in several sizes, from little green checks to the impressive Patagonian.

122415 dusky

A little red, blue, and green in the mix, as the eclectus parrots provide is cheerful and bright.

122415 ecckies

Now a row of formal black and white, cockatoos to delight.

Can’t leave out the Amazon parrots, happy and social friends.

The smart birds in gray and red tell the other birds how it’s done.

122415 grays

Macaws bring color, too, and tricks that they can do.

Dancing below our tree of colors, the ground-dwelling kakapo joins in the songs.

122415 kakapo

So many parrots and birds that I didn’t include. Tell me your favorite! Happy Holidays to you.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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