A Fool for Lovebirds

My flock had a great holiday. Everyone got millet, even the big parrots. Maynard was less than thrilled but the greys loved it. And every cage got one new toy or swing or something. Sun conures Zazu and Sunny got a long boing that hangs from the top of their tall cage, with a round boing attached at the bottom. They have been attacking it and playing on it non-stop.

Currently as I sit at my computer, I have three adult lovebirds to my right, and three hand-fed babies to my left. Lovebirds love to call to each other. I think I need a pair of ear muffs. But deep down, I love having this little flock of lovies.

Flock of lovebirds

Soon, one of the babies will go to a new home, and then the rest will be assigned to a bird store so they can find forever homes. I will miss them, but I really need to down size my flock. Ignore the fact that I have adopted a new green cheek conure because I will write about him another time.

Three baby lovies
Chewy, Nugget, and Squirt.

Hand-feeding is so rewarding, but especially with lovebirds, socializing after they are weaned is even more important. I don’t have the time to devote to these sweeties, and they will revert to wildness before too long. And there have been too many close calls where one of them managed to get to a place that put them in danger. Not good.

Blondie has not settled in enough to be comfortable with out time. She tries to get away instead of enjoying the play areas. Fin is doing well, and Tekla is getting more used to me. I don’t think she will ever let me hold her as I do Fin, but I can extend a finger to her, and she will nibble on it.

no feathers needed
Just out, gotta love us!

I had a paragraph here about the outside lovebirds and the huge clutch of eggs in their nest box, but none had hatched yet. I blamed the odd weather. Well, as I went out to check on the status of the cages after high winds, I discovered one fuzzy little baby in the nest! Yay!

If you are thinking of getting a parrot to share your life, think about these tiny bundles of personality and fun. Lovebirds are one of the Gateway Parrots, so be prepared to fit more and more into your world. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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