Hellos and Goodbyes.

A new year brings hope for a peaceful, prosperous time when everything goes right. I can’t say that 2015 was such a year. I lost good friends, precious birds, and some of my self confidence. So understand that whatever I post in this blog is my opinion and should be considered as such, not really expert advice.

For 2015, I said goodbye to Jake, a heart-crushing event that totally could have been prevented had I been more present in the moment. I allowed Fin to be injured through my inattention, but luckily he can still eat and has a companion bird that preens him. Tekla is a blessing.

good tekla and fin
Fin and Tekla

A month ago we said goodbye to our oldest lovebird, Benny, who had been in poor health for a few years. This week we lost an albino female cockatiel, Malory, very unexpected. And we lost button quail hens who became startled and ended up in a bathing area. Poor, sweet things.


We had no cockatiel chicks this year, probably due to the heat. I had four parakeet chicks in the nest box, but the oldest one was killed probably because the two pairs were fighting for rights to the one nest box. Again, my error. Still, I had three beauties from that clutch, and three even more beautiful chicks fledging in the aviary right now. I say more beautiful because the first clutch were all more or less blue and white. This group has a yellow-green, a blue, and a blue-white. Yay for diversity.

best budgie babies

And as of last week, I took in a green cheek conure named Nacho, who is a clown like most green cheeks. He loves to play with his toys, he bobs his head to get your attention, and he does tricks. He will turn in a circle for a treat. Sometimes he will turn so that he circles the perch. Nacho has a preference for men as opposed to women. Even though the loving owner who surrendered him is female, Nacho bites me and loves Mike. Not the first time this has happened. I still love him, and the other birds of similar disposition in the flock.

Nacho was surrendered because he developed a crush on another conure who already had a mate. His owner felt he needed to be around other birds and to make a friend with an unattached female. Or male. I don’t insist on hetero birds. That’s crazy talk.

The Aviary

My splay-legged orange front conure, Dani, could use a companion to preen her and provide some excitement in her life. Nacho may be a bit too much excitement for her. The one time I have allowed them both to be out, Dani flew out of her cage and spent out time on the floor. Well, early days yet. Nacho might grow on her.

May your New Year be everything you need it to be, and may you and your flock prosper. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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