Maynard Reviews Movies from 2015

The poster parrot for this blog is my double yellow headed Amazon named Maynard. He loves to watch movies. He sits either on the back of my comfy chair or on the perch on the coffee table and watches the movies with us. If there is singing, he will sing along. Different words and tunes, but he tries. He laughs when we laugh, and he gets very upset when there is fighting or shouting.

So with those parameters in mind, here are the movies he most enjoyed that we watched in 2015. (Note: Obviously these are DVDs that we watched at home. So far I haven’t found a movie theater that will allow Maynard to come in with me. One more reason why I miss drive-ins.)

Five Feathers.jpg

The Wind Rises – We know that the victors write the history books, but here’s a look at a decent man who only wanted to build the best planes he could. Maynard loved the flying scenes and the beautiful airplane designs. The last film by Hayao Miyazaki’s hand, it focuses on the personal stories of real people during a horrible conflict, and not the moral issues. Maynard gives it three feathers.

010316 wind rises

Spirited Away – Can’t watch one Miyazaki film without thinking of another one that is much beloved. This is a romance disguised as a morality play style of thing. Maynard really liked the shouting and the flying white dragon. He also gives it three feathers.

010316 spirited

The Avengers – Not the Marvel one, the British TV show one. As a bird, Maynard pays a lot of attention to the weather, and thinking someone who was not a nice person could control that is scary. He gives this movie only one feather. Sorry, Ralph and Uma.

010316 avengers

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill – Guess who loved this movie? And yes, it’s also a romance disguised as a documentary about “naturalized” cherry head conures in San Francisco. Five feathers plus!

010316 wild parrots

Crossed Swords – A retelling of The Prince and The Pauper with a cast you probably don’t recognize. One of Oliver Reeds best chances to show off his physique, this movie is fun and mostly worth the time to watch. The sword fights, which are numerous, got Maynard’s attention. Three feathers for this movie.

010316 crossed swords

Slap Shot – Paul Newman and ice hockey. What’s not to love? Maynard isn’t usually a sports fan, but hearing us laugh through this silly film made his night. Three feathers just for the humor.

010316 slapshot

I am going to stop there but next Sunday we’ll continue the movie reviews with Maynard. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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