More of Maynard at the Movies

Last Sunday I presented the first half of movies we watched in 2015 with my Amazon double yellow headed parrot, Maynard. He really does like to interact with whatever is happening on the tv screen. I wonder if he thinks it’s a big window?

Big Trouble in Little China Kurt Russell runs around with very little shirt on. Asian gods battle with magic. Pithy sayings like “Chinese got a lot of hells” sprinkled liberally throughout. Maynard loves the fights, the colors, and the shouting. He’s good at shouting back. Five feathers for this one.

011016 big trouble

Xanadu Leg warmers! Fluffy hair! Roller skates! Gene Kelly! Yes, it’s a silly, poorly acted, and disappointing story of a movie, but if you can ignore that, the music is fun and Gene Kelly! Maynard and I know the words to all the songs. He gives it four feathers, because it’s so a-muse-ing.

Heavy Metal This animated classic doesn’t do much for our parrot critic. The music is good, but the fight scenes aren’t loud enough and he’d rather have a happy ending to each of the stories in the collection. Only two feathers here.

Free Enterprise Unless you are a nerd, or a Star Trek fan, or both, you probably haven’t seen this movie. It’s cute and amazingly well acted and written. Not a lot of music until the end, and the only fight scene is at the beginning. Yawn city for a parrot, but the colors are nice. Three feathers mostly because we watch it once per year.

011016 free enterprise

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels This is a laugh-out-loud movie, and one thing Maynard likes as much as shouting and singing is laughing. Not only do we have two masters of comedic acting involved, but Frank Oz directed it, and he didn’t have to put his hand up any of the stars. Well, as far as we know. Maynard gives it four feathers.

Happy Feet A penguin coming-of-age film that has a lot of great music and some jokes that I found amusing, it’s also poignant to hear Robin Williams doing the voice of one of the characters. Don’t be afraid to be different. Maynard gives it three feathers because animated films aren’t his favorite.

011016 happy feet

Dirty Dancing I’m ashamed to admit that this was the first time I had seen this classic movie. I had the wrong impression of the plot, and I’m not a huge fan of Mr. Swayze, I’m sorry to say. Now that I have seen it, I regret all the lost opportunities to rewatch it. Not a lot of fight scenes, a few good laughs, and lots of good music. Maynard liked it enough to give it four feathers.

Five Feathers

We’re nearly done with the list! Next Sunday should wrap this up. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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