Maynard Wraps up 2015 Movies

Welcome to the final blog on Maynard’s Feathers Rating System of DVD movies we watched in the last year. Keep in mind that Maynard is an Amazon parrot and doesn’t really follow the plot of a story. What he finds interesting in the music, fight scenes, and humor. He really likes to laugh with his people.

Five Feathers

Evolution This is a pretty silly movie, which is right up Maynard’s alley. We laughed and he laughed, and the funny thing is the movie kind of had a point. How do we know that we won’t be invaded by some organism that we never see coming? One that can change to overcome anything we think will contain it. And of course the government will be involved. A nice bit of escapism and much nicer that some of the other treatments of this theme. Maynard gives it three feathers.

011716 cloud atlas

Cloud Atlas Not big on the parrot movie list, this is one of my favorite movies ever. Amazing characters and settings, all interwoven so you aren’t sure what happens when, and to who. But it leaves you with the feeling that all will be right with the universe even when one life goes dark. Maynard’s rating is only two feathers, there being more plot than he could actually absorb.

Warm Bodies Can’t say too much about this movie without giving away an important theme, but it’s really worth the watch. I’m not a huge fan of zombie movies, but call something a zombie romance and I have to watch. I am so glad I did. Not only that, but I got the book and read it. Equally delightful, and the humor and fight scenes were enough to make it interesting to the bird. Maynard gives it four feathers.

011716 warm bodies

Paul So Frost and Pegg play two comic book geeks touring the US on the way home following a comic convention. Enter an alien who needs their help. I can’t get enough geek humor, so this was a great movie for me. Lots of laughs, so Maynard gives it four feathers. More singing might have brought it up to a five.

Zombieland Really, I am not a big fan of zombie movies. I do happen to like funny movies, so here we go again. This one totally rocks the humor scales. Easy to get into plot, better than expected ending, and cool vehicles. Maynard’s rating is four feathers.

Special Holiday Movies:

Scrooged Bill Murray in a retelling of a Christmas classic. Oy! Silly, spooky, all lessons learned, and a cast of loved actors we just don’t see anymore. Oh, wait. That would be another zombie movie. Rest in peace. Maynard’s rating is three feathers.

011716 hans gruber

Die Hard When I started this list with this movie on here, Alan Rickman still lived in my world. How different a week can make things. This is certainly one of his best roles, and a great pairing of him with Bruce Willis. Watching this movie next Christmas will be a totally different experience. However there are explosions, laughs, and tension in good amounts. Maynard give this one five feathers.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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