Final Blog about My Fondness for Bird. Kind of.

Actually, all these blogs are in one way or another focused on my love of birds. But in charting my history with all things feathered, I will wrap it all up here. About twenty years ago when my husband and I moved in together, I had only two cockatiels. Shortly after that, we got custody of his two youngest children and moved into a house.Flock of lovebirds

Two moves later, and we rented a house with a lot of cement in the back yard plus a grass yard and fruit trees. I thought it was the perfect place to have an aviary. I found an ad from someone selling one, and called. That phone call changed my life.

The aviary had been sold, but the woman told me about a bird club, North County Aviculturists, and invited me to their next meeting. Mike and the kids and I attended the meeting, and had a good time. The best part was the opportunity drawing, where actual birds were put up as prizes.


Around that time people who got tired of their birds asked me if I would take them in. Word spread through pet stores and feed stores that I was the one to contact. Sometimes someone would deliver something to the house, and see all the birds, and ask if we wanted another one. Heartbreaking in some instances, but soon I had a huge flock to care for.

One of the first parrots we won at the NCA meetings was a lovebird who didn’t have all his toes. Displaced aggression can really be bad news for tiny chicks. But Piro, as we named him, never let his lack of toes hold him back. He became one of my most prolific fathers, through three different hens.


Along with the bird club, we heard about the bird marts in the area, and even held some for the club. I got to know lots of vendors and still have fun wandering around those events saying hello to people I know. They are fun people who love birds as much as I do.

I tried many different types of birds, finches, budgies, conures, and eventually doves and button quail. I wanted an African grey but knew better than to get a cockatoo or Amazon. I just believed Amazon parrots were all biters and not affectionate birds.

all budgies with cyan

Beyond my wildest dreams, I have two African greys, special needs birds who are so wonderful in their own ways, and an Amazon who loves me so much he screams when I leave the room if he isn’t prepared for that departure. Every experience with every bird has been different and enchanting, and I couldn’t give them up without experiencing a lot of pain. So that’s why I love birds, because they charm me and love me back.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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