Bird Inventory

Since I retired over a year ago, I have been amazed at how little time I seem to have available. Of course, I am spending a lot of time exercising and more time cleaning the house. And there’s the writing. I really expected to be doing better by my flock, and have come to the realization I need to cut down.

I guess that means instead of getting ten new birds in the last month, I only got five. Wait, that’s not counting the 8 new zebra finches. Oh, never mind. I guess I am having an issue with reducing the flock.

good tekla and fin
Fin and Tekla, happy for a minute.

Seriously, someone sent me a copy of one of those stickers you put in your window to tell emergency responders how many pets you have. Mine would say One dog, One cat, 75 birds.

When I give birds out time I have to know how many I have so I can make sure they all get safely back in where they belong. So I know I have five cockatiels, two Indian ringnecks, and one rosie Bourke in the big cage in the front room. Then there’s a pair of sun conures, an orange front conure, and a green cheek conure. They are each in individual cages.

Nacho 1
New Foster Nacho on Dani’s cage

The back room has another green cheek and a half moon conure in one cage, another sun conure and an orange front in another, five budgies in a flight cage, two canaries, three zebra finches, one green singing canary, and four society finches in another flight cage, four zebras in a utility cage and four more in another untility cage. I am in the process of setting those zeebs up in their own cages in pairs. Can’t wait to see what babies might come from these little guys.

In the dining room I have three just weaned violet lovebirds, but they won’t be there for very long. In the office I have one widowed lovebird, two canaries and two gray singing finches in a flight cage, Maynard the double yellow headed Amazon parrot in his own cage, Io the blind Congo African Grey parrot in his cage, and Bo Dangles the toeless CAG in her own cage. I have Fin and Tekla, lovebirds, next to my desk. They have a small cage but get out time almost all day.

Maynard 110615
Maynard likes to travel.

Outside I have a pair of doves in a flight, and in another nearby flight, a single offspring of theirs. I really need to get Sport a mate, even if I never let them hatch out eggs. Then there’s the main aviary with nine cockatiels and three button quail. Across the airlock are the outrigger flight cages, one with the wonderful violet lovebird pair that have given me so many beautiful chicks. Next to them in the second outrigger are the breeding budgies. I have two pair and two offspring remaining. I will be down soon to only the two pair again.

all budgies with cyan
Baby Budgies from outside aviary.

Doing the math: 75 birds in my flock. Spot on my off-the-cuff estimate. Guess I know my birds. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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