Bird People

My walking partner commented the other day that I will smile and say hello to people I have never seen before and might never see again. It’s true. If I make eye-contact with someone, I want to smile and greet them. I guess I would be a social bird and part of a flock if I was an avian life-form.

Because of my out-going nature, I have a lot of friends. I have friends from the film club. I have friends from my weight-loss support group. I have friends from where I used to work. I have friends that come to our monthly game night. Some of these friends would overlap.


But there is nothing like being with other bird people, friends from the bird club or from on-line bird groups. These people get me, understand the needs and the joys of being with a flock of birds. Even if their flock isn’t half as big as mine, they still get me.



I jump at every chance to be with Thea and go to Magnolia Bird Farm with her. I like this trip so much, I actually did it twice in one week. (We didn’t remember until we got there that they are closed on Mondays.) And not just because the seed is high quality and at an excellent price, even considering the gas for the trip involved.

021116 magnolia

We share stupid things we have done, like going outside with a bird on our shoulder. We share tips on the best way to do some things. Thea mentored me through hand-feeding the first time. We make plans about swapping birds so we can get unrelated blood lines.

My friend Jay (not her real name, she’s very safety conscious with on-line issues) is very involved with the bird club, and we share letting off steam about the odd characters in the group and the strange things that show up on the ways and means table. We both get excited when two birds bond and start laying eggs. The hatching, fledging, and growth of our chicks is another shared treat.

021116 birds in need

I met Elsie on-line when we realized we lived fairly close to each other, about 15 years ago. She was about to take home her hyacinth macaw, Molly. I loved following the joys of taking this beautiful bird home, and shared the anxiety when they found out Molly was a very sick bird. Once she had the proper medical treatments, the change was amazing. Molly likes to play hide and seek and to be tickled. I actually met Elsie in person at a party at her house, and got to see all her flock including Molly, and meet her husband Ron. Since then, we went to a couple more parties, and Elsie and I take every opportunity to meet for lunch or coffee.

021116 hyacinth

Lots of my friends like to hear about my birds, and can share the fun and excitement. Other bird people, however, really get it. I am so blessed to know them.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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