Alternative Medicine for Pets

When our companion animals suffer, we want to stop the pain and would go to extremes to help them out. True guardians of animals are even willing to let them slip away in a painless manner rather than keep them holding on, in pain and often fear. Our grief will be with us forever, but their pain can stop.

There is actually an International Veterinarian Acupuncture Society which certifies vets to perform acupuncture on lots of different types of animals. While turning to acupuncture when your bird is not quite right may not be your first thought, there are holistic doctors in animal medicine who will apply it at every appointment. Acupuncture can release stagnant energies in a living system and allow the body to heal itself. Because of this overall benefit, your parrot can benefit from the application. Here’s a nice video of a patient being treated.

021816 chinese painting

Luckily chiropractors are being recognized more as providing an honestly needed medical service. I know how easily I can mess up my back or shoulders or hips doing regular things around the house. How much more can a bird cause a slight injury by startled flight or falling off a cage. Now labeled Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation, this system also corrects accumulated issues in your bird’s skeleton. Once these issues are corrected, the parrot’s own healing power can take over. The goal is to increase your bird’s range of motion and mobility, and remove swelling and pain. This process may actually eliminate the need for pain medications. This clinic uses chiropractic manipulation:

021816 skeleton

Imagine playing laser tag with your parrot, and every time you connected, you bird healed! Wow, that would be fun and useful. That’s not exactly the point of laser therapy, but still the reports on this site are amazing. This site does sell the theraputic low-level lasers, so use your own judgment to see if this is right for your pet.

021816 you are everything

Finally, another alternative to medication and expensive veterinary treatments is homeopathic remedies. Flowers and essences are readily available and can often be the exact right healing needed. Even apple cider vinegar is used in many ways to keep bacteria under control in waters. An interesting suggestion on the following page is that humans learned which plants and processes to use from watching animals, including birds.

021816 too and vet

A few very important things to remember. Most cage birds are from prey species in the wild. They will not readily show signs of illness, and by the time you notice anything, it might just be too late. Know your bird. Know what behavior is correct for your companion. Watch droppings for clues. Also, I am not a veterinarian or any sort of medical practitioner. I present information but you must evaluate it on your own pet’s behalf. And in case of a severe illness or open wound, get your bird to an avian vet immediately. Have an emergency animal hospital on your phone so you don’t lose time deciding when every second counts.

021816 know your bird
Know your bird! Watch for signs and changed behavior.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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