The Lovebird Dilemma

Some months back, I hand fed three lovebird chicks, weaned them, and found homes for them. They were calm, sweet babies and I am sure they bonded with their new flock quickly. By the time I emptied them out of brooder and cage, there were three more chicks in the nest.

The cycle repeated, hand feed, wean, but there it stalled. I had the first three in brooder then cage next to my computer desk. Since then, the configuration of the desk changed, and the second clutch’s brooder and cage landed in the dining room. During hand feeding, that was never a problem, but when they weaned, I didn’t sit with them as often as I should have. Now, almost a month beyond their weaning, they are wild little birds again.

Baby lovies feb 2016
My latest clutch of violet lovebirds

I put them into separate cages, hoping that will encourage them to welcome my occasional intrusion into their world. Nothing is working. Looks like the best I can do is to sell them as breeders. Which might not be bad.

022816 my shade of violet
My chicks grow up to look like the bird on the right.

I only have the one pair of breeding lovebirds. I am not a huge operation, just a hobby breeder with limited time on some days. Or some months. I’ve had a blast getting all but three of the bigger bird cages outside for cleaning, and cleaning the rooms around the now clean cages. But the cost was not spending enough time with the little lovebirds.

022816 dutch blue
Missed an opportunity to get a proven pair in this color.

I have a friend who wants to breed violet mutation lovebirds. She has some violets, but she’s not sure of their history. So she may just inherit the three birds I have now. I allowed the parents of my lovebirds to start a third clutch, thinking these babies would go to my friend. Now, I do not want to hand feed again until next winter. Should I let the parents raise these three babies? Should I abort the eggs, and remove the next box? Should I just see if the babies even hatch? I bet my friend would take them to hand feed, along with the older babies.

022816 really violet
Perfectly Purple!

It’s nearly impossible to be involved with birds without having good friends. There are those who will take birds off my hands. There are those who will give me a bird just when I needed one. And there are those who give me encouragement through all the tough times we all experience. Here’s hoping your birds and bird friends are happy and ready for spring.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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