Birds in Art

Birds are beautiful. That’s not a universal truth, but one that resonates deeply with me. As much as they have been used in art, many creative people must agree.

A simple dove gives a painting of a young girl a dash of sweetness. 1760s, Joseph Wright of Derby

030416 girl with dove

Hummingbirds and Passionflowers is an excellent combination. Artist: Martin Johnson Heade (1819–1904) Date: ca. 1875–85

030416 hummingbird

The dog is most often referenced in this painting, but the parrot attracts my interest more. Young lady with a Bird and Dog, 1767, by John Singleton Copley (American, 1738–1815)

030416 girl with dog and parrot

Where would you hang this unusual item? Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights, center panel, detail, c. 1503-04 Oil on wood The Prado, Madrid

030416 bosch

The bird does not look happy in this one. RUBENS Pieter Paul – Flemish (Siegen 1577-1640 Antwerp) – Boy with Bird

030416 child with bird

These look happier, possibly canaries. Emile-Auguste Hublin (1830-1891), Le Goûter (Detail), Oil on canvas, 1870

030416 canaries


Modern art looks to birds as part of our spirit, as in this 2000 work, Liberation by Chie Yoshii.

030416 liberation

I’m ignoring many paintings of game birds, using carcasses that have been shot. But note there are many, which adds to the statement that we find birds beautiful. This work combines a beautiful woman revealing a breast with several parrots. The Birds – Emile Friant

030416 the birds

Lots of pretty little birds are used as subjects. Fairy Wrens – Original Oil Bird Painting by Anne Zoutsos. “FEED THE BIRDS” ~ BIRD COLLAGE 8 x 8 in. on canvas board by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee. Kinglet no. 31 original bird oil painting fall leaves by Angela Moulton.

But striking, dramatic birds as well.”Raven, 2011″ by Hans Droog

030416 raven

And did we talk about fanciful? Gossamer Wings by Amy Judd.

030416 gossamer wings

Winter Sparrow by Suzan Visser.

030416 sparrow in cap and scarf

art by Steve Kinney

030416 branching out

We haven’t even touched film, use of actual feathers, music, or other mediums. Guess that will be saved for another day.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.



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