My Perfect Parrot

Happy Spring! How time flies, especially when one is kept busy feeding, cleaning, changing out waters, and in general forgetting to watch a clock or calendar. Seriously, I count myself lucky to be able to get the blogs posted on time.

As a creative writer, I also find my mind wandering while I do the chores. I just can’t figure out which parrot would be the perfect one for me. Not that Maynard isn’t close to perfect, but I would love to change a few things about him.

032416 affectionate

My perfect parrot would love me just the way Maynard does, but would also be friendly to other people. Especially my husband. And the dog. And other birds. Well, if not friendly, exactly, then not try to rip parts of them off.

032416 parrot proof

This fantasy parrot would be as smart as my Congo African Grey, Bo Dangles. But without the snapping. Talking is a fun thing in a parrot, but not a requirement. Bobo talks and tries to bite, so I am calling her SnapChat these days.

032416 smart

As far as food goes, the perfect parrot would eat all the healthy things provided, would not scream for pasta or cheese or toast, and would try to be neat while eating. We’re a long way from the jungle, there’s no need to scatter seed any longer.

In a perfect world, my parrot would perch where I told it to, and stay there until I came back. The bird would know instinctively if something was dangerous and would stay away from that thing. And he or she would know what I was thinking, and would meet my needs before I had to vocalize them.

032416 cockatoos

Of course, a fantasy parrot has to be beautiful, so the feathers need to be green, blue, and purple. The tail feathers can be long, but need to fit into the cage size I provide. The bird should be big enough so that people can see it, but light enough that my shoulder doesn’t get tired from having it sit there.

032416 color

Do I want a boy or girl? I really don’t care. Males usually are more talkative, but females are nice birds. As long as she doesn’t lay eggs incessantly, it’s all good. Males can be brighter of feather, but in my fantasy parrot species, both males and females are identical.

032416 my parrot

Apparently my ideal parrot is something of a mini-macaw but with super bright feathers. Who knew? Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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