Eggs for Easter

Traditions started as a new thing once upon a time and have been handed down until no body knows any longer why we put the eggs in the dye colors and then try to hide them. Sometimes these traditions go so far back that not even History remembers why. Then you have the people who come in and want to change the traditions from how they first started to something that aligns with their own beliefs.

032716 all the goddesses

According to The Holiday Spot egg myths can be found all over the world. In those creation stories, the egg is the symbol of life. There’s a proverb from the Latin that translates to “All life started in an egg.” That was before they even had microscopes!

032716 pysanka eggs

Eggs also mean rebirth. They can symbolize potential and an unknown future. In Aviculture, an egg means a few weeks of waiting to see if it hatches. Sure the egg can be candled in three days or so to determine if life has begun, but as sometimes the chicks are dead in the shell, actually fully formed but don’t manage to hatch, we still have to wait and pray.

032716 easter morning

There are so many reasons for eggs to fail to hatch. Lack of fertility can usually be determined as noted above through candling. Sometimes you can’t get the hen to sit tight, she is easily scared off the nest. Then the eggs die, especially in cool weather.

I had a few button quail chicks hatch, but didn’t get the male out of the aviary in time, so he killed all the babies before I found them. A few hadn’t hatched, even though I heard the pipping the day before. Probably he chased the hen off the eggs before they finished hatching.

032716 Ostra

My lovebirds managed to lay three eggs, and only hatch out one. This is my super fertile pair who consistently give me clutches of three chicks. But two of the eggs were clear, and as it was their third clutch for the year, I am thankful to get the one. I am looking forward to hand feeding this singleton. Maybe I’ll name it Easter.

If you have had some problems with fertility or other reasons why eggs aren’t hatching, here’s some great information from Mississippi State University on chickens with issues.

032716 egg cross032716 passover

Hope you have a happy celebration of Spring, Easter, Passover, and any other wonderful days that come your way. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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