Dog versus Parrot

Caution: Never allow dogs or cats alone and unsupervised with birds of any sort, out of their cage, flighted or clipped. Just. Don’t.

The best part of my weekdays are are in the afternoons. I get a chance to sit in my comfy chair, put my feet up, and read. Often Maynard, my Amazon parrot, will sit on the back of my chair and chew on a toy. At the same time, Tilda, my terrier mix, will sit on the ottoman and sleep.

Maynard rarely stays put for very long. He wants to walk around the house while he is able to. So after a while, he will climb on my shoulder, edge down my arm, and then cross my legs to the ottoman. He can get down from there by holding on to the quilt that covers it.

Tilda didn’t hear him coming today. Honestly, that dog sleeps so soundly I have been able to pick her up without her knowing it. She was asleep between my ankles when Maynard reached my knees. He really wasn’t going to bite her. Not this time. He just wanted to get to the floor. But she woke up, and saw him, and looked away immediately.

tilda after grooming

I don’t know if it’s a terrier thing or just her, but she firmly believes that if she doesn’t look at the parrot, he won’t see her. But she also takes no chances. She left the ottoman in a hurry. That sudden flurry of furry motion always alarms Maynard, but Tilda moves too quickly to be attacked. If she had just stayed still, he would not have bothered her and would have gone on his way.

Tilda raincoat

When I first introduced Maynard to Tilda, I was prepared to save the parrot should the dog get too playful or rough. I was not prepared for him to bite her on the back of her neck. He didn’t break the skin, yet I am sure his bite hurt. And that was the beginning of the I Don’t See You phase of their relationship.

Pretty puppy outside

I doubt it will get any better and probably I am lucky it’s just as it is. I don’t know what would have happened if Tilda had been aggressive toward any of the birds. If a bird flies around the house, Tilda will follow it, but she has not acted in any way but curious to them if they land where she can get to them.

And when my lovebird Fin gets curious about her and goes down to investigate her, she will not look at him. Tilda will slink away and find another place to sleep. Poor puppy!

Thanks for reading, I will be back on Sunday.


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