Downsizing. You Keep Using That Word.

Hello, my name is Demi, and I’m a birdaholic. The first step in curing an illness is correct diagnosis.

Believe me, I want to have fewer birds so that I can devote more time to the ones I have. I want to downsize. I want to give them fresh food every day, not a couple times a week. But I took in two new lovebirds in the last couple weeks and considered a pineapple green cheek. And a military macaw. I can’t help myself.

Dad and baby

I set up nest boxes for my finches. But that’s okay because the finches don’t take up much room, and can easily be put on the opportunity drawing table at the bird club. I’m going to get a canary hen to replace Bubbles so Rico will be a happy camper. And set them up in a nest. See, it’s a sickness! I love baby birds.

Out in the aviary right now is a violet lovebird chick whom I decided not to hand feed. He or she may be a better match for one of the new lovebirds, Rebel. I can’t seem to decide if Fin is happy with his new roommate or not. Blondie loves Kiwi, so that’s good. And my two male doves outside seem to get along just fine. As long as I don’t introduce a female, their relationship will be a good one. Hope the baby in the parents’ nest isn’t a girl.

2nd dove in aviary

I have another year to wait until Orion becomes Orianna or stays a boy. If she is a she, then I hope she and Wraith will give me babies that I can hand raise. Indian Ringneck parakeets are among the sweetest and funniest parrots you can have.


Still waiting on the owner to be in a position to claim Mookie and Sunny. I will miss them, especially Mookie’s hiding under a box. Sometimes Sunny joins him, too. But reuniting them with the man they both love is one of my goals. Nacho is a wonderful, fun green check conure, but I am convinced he needs a companion. And since he is a boy, for sure, we need to find him a girl. But I don’t intend to breed him so we don’t have to worry about that. I still wish he had bonded with Dani, my special needs orange front conure. Or I should say, that she had bonded with him. She’s an old bachelorette, set in her ways, apparently.

fin in hand

I’ve given away thousands of birds over the years, and still my numbers don’t seem to get much lower. I hope it’s just a phase I’m going through. Or that Scientists invent a cure. Thanks for reading, I will be back on Thursday.

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