On-Line Bird Watching

I have a couple of favorite places to go when I want to see pretty parrots and lovely finches. I am going to share a few of them with you right now! You’re welcome.

The Indonesian Parrot Project has been heavily involved with the recovery of the Abbotti Cockatoo. http://indonesian-parrot-project.org/ As you will learn if you go to the site, the cockatoos reached a low of 5 individuals. Next time you are in a crowd, pick out five people and imagine they are the last humans in existence. Scary, huh? Thankfully the flock has increased to somewhere between 17 and 22 individuals. IPP is also involved with seram cockatoos, educating people in the area about illegal bird trapping, and providing other economic means for livelihoods. They have been involved in saving ecclectus parrots, lorikeets, hornbills, palm cockatoos, and have brought bird lovers in through eco tours to sustain the economy in the area.

040716 abbots

Cornell Labs of Ornithology is my go-to place to find a species of bird and identify habits, songs, etc. http://www.birds.cornell.edu/Page.aspx?pid=1478 While they are focused on bird watchers more than breeders or pet owners, they are still amazingly resourceful and a great place to learn what’s going on in the bird world. You can take their quick survey and receive emails about your favorite species. Sadly they limit you to one type, but possibly you can expand that later on.

040716 cornell

The American Bird Conservancy is also more for bird watchers, but helps ensure that there are birds out there to be watched. https://abcbirds.org/birds/bird-of-the-week/ They do include a few parrot species in their birds of the week, along with hummingbirds and raptors. Well worth checking out and supporting if you can.

040716 hummer

For information about various species of companion birds, Parrot Parrot is one of the best. http://www.parrotparrot.com/ The site is the work of Vera Appleyard, the first Guide for parrot related issues on About.com I love to read the articles there, learn about important news in the parrot world, and ways to improve your parrot’s life.

040716 tiels

I was a long time subscriber to Birds Magazine, and have kept up with their new incarnation as The Bird Channel. http://www.birdchannel.com/ They are all about pet birds and owners, not so much for breeders, but they can’t be beat for adorable photos. And there is a poll every few days where you can have your say and learn about other folks with companion birds.

040716 caiques

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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