Get the Popcorn!

Today is a rainy day in my world, so I want to curl up in my comfy chair and watch birds. I can’t go outside to do that, and I stare at my inside birds all the time. They don’t seem to like it very much. Well, Maynard does, because he starts being cute. But if I were going to watch videos of birds, here are some of the ones I would choose.

Of course I would start with the classic parrot movie Paulie. I think they wanted to make a Lassie sequel, but only had conures to deal with. I actually know the breeder who provided the parrots for this movie.

041016 Paulie041016 rio

Recently, Rio has become a favorite. Rio 2 might be equally good, it’s on my list of movies to see someday. I love the idea that a hyacinth macaw might be lost in snow country and survive long enough to become a young woman’s life-time companion. Again, they really wanted to make a Lassie movie.

I love the documentary The Parrots of Telegraph Hill, especially with the romance that is woven through it. The parrots are portrayed as parrots, not surrogate dogs. This is high on my list.

041016041016 parrot con

The bird club watched the documentary  Parrot Confidential. Some of the stories brought tears to my eyes. However, that makes it a little too difficult to watch again. The point of this film is to change your mind should you ever want to get a parrot as a pet. With cockatoos, I have to agree. However, there is so much you can do to change the behavior of birds, you should not pay too much attention to this warning. Parrots, like collies and other dogs, are very intelligent. Just remember they are prey species instead of predator, so they are easily spooked. A scared parrot will act out. Move slowly, talk constantly, feed good food, and be willing to spend time with your pet. That’s the basics.

Looking forward to Pixar’s short that will be released with Finding Dory this summer. It features a shore bird named Piper.

041016 piper

This YouTube compilation has many of my fave short videos, although the one of the gray annoying the cat still bothers me. But this one about the bed rats and call Sarah is way funny. I made the mistake of letting the next video of Gotcha play, where he’s just yelling, and Maynard thought he should get in on the act.

041016 gotcha

I’m gonna wrap this up with a very old film by Bill and Coo. Trained by George Burton, these love birds are just amazing. I always recommend lovies as the best parrot to start with.

041016 bill adn coo

Thanks for reading and watching. I’ll be back on Thursday.

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