Looking for Love

Spring has swept across the southern part of California, bringing a touch of rain, followed by warm, sunny days. Birds love this time of year, because they get to claim territory, find mates, build nests, and raise a family.

Birds in Aviculture have less choice about this. Luckily, all my zebra finch pairs are happy together and my doves could keep me supplied in eggs if only their product were a little bigger.

042116 dove eggs

Cockatiels are dropping eggs in their aviary, so I am thinking of relocating the last pair of outside budgies who don’t know how to get those darn eggs fertile and putting my best cockatiel breeders in the breeder cage. I have had no luck with colony breeding cockatiels or budgies, so will only try parallel pairs from now on.

122415 cockatiels

The button quail are sitting on eggs once more, and in a few days I will stick the males into a separate cage so they don’t kill the hatchlings. This is great weather for baby buttons, who can’t regulate their body temps for the first three days. I have high hopes of saving a few chicks this round.

My last lovebird chick of this season has fledged and I pulled the nest box. In a couple weeks I will see if the baby gets along with Rebel better than Rebel gets along with Fin. Blondie and Kiwi cuddled up to each other so quickly, it’s like that match was meant to be. While Fin and Rebel don’t fight too much, they don’t cuddle, either. So more changes there.


Still waiting to see if Orian is actually an Oriana. The bird’s neck ring is still not showing, but we have to wait for her or him to fully mature, in another year. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile Wraith, our male Indian Ringneck, is sweet-talking all the cockatiels indoors and confused as to why none of them have become his mate. But Wraith and Orion are starting to spend more time together.

Of course I wish Dani would find a bird she liked enough to spend time with. I worry that her life span will be shorter because she doesn’t have a mate to groom her and comfort her. She doesn’t care that much for human contact, even though Mike and I both would love to pet and groom her. My hopes that Nacho would be her friend are dashed. He is truly adorable and always goes over to the other cages in the living room to see what’s going on, what food is available, and what mischief he can get into. Dani tolerated him in her cage when he snuck in, but she seemed distressed. She wasn’t happy about the whole situation.

Dad and baby

There may be good news on the horizon, because a pair of sun conures that I rehomed last summer are so happy in their new home that they nested and laid eggs. We have no idea if the eggs are fertile or not, but if they hatch, I have told my friend that I would hand feed the chicks for her. And if Dani takes a shine to one of them, that would be perfect! But counting these eggs before they have hatched is a bad idea. Time to wait and see.

I have a promise of a hen for my male canary, zebra finches in the nest, and all is right with the flock. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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