World Parrot Situation

How would you go about finding facts on endangered parrots? There’s the World Parrot Trust, but their web site wants you to sign up and get the magazines and other things they will then send to you. The most common lists have all endangered animals, and that’s important, but my focus would always be on parrots and maybe other birds after that.

Why parrots? Because the pet trade has both harmed and helped these beauties. If not for aviculture in the United States, Europe, Canada, and so on, many beautiful creatures would already be memories only.

102215 thick_billed_thumb has a chart of endangered parrots, sadly including those that are now extinct. We have lost forever the Dominican Green and Yellow Macaw, also called the Atwood Macaw. This bird is somewhat hypothetical, as no archeological traces have been found, but zoologist Thomas Atwood wrote about it 1791. Captured for food and as pets, the bird disappeared either later in the 18th or in the 19th century. There are several other macaws on the extinct list that are only known from the writings of an educated person who uncovered them in the islands or thereabouts.

Other parrots on the list are critically endangered, but some are stable while others are still in decline. We all know the world situation is not conducive to protecting habitat and helping these beings to survive. So let’s look on the bright side while we can. Here are the top ten parrots that are increasing in population instead of holding steady or decreasing.

Malherbe’s Parakeet, Orange-fronted Parakeet

042416 orange front

Kakapo, Owl Parrot

122415 kakapo

Imperial Amazon, Imperial Parrot (The national bird of Dominica)

Uvea Parakeet

042416 uvea parakeet

Yellow-eared Conure, Yellow-eared Parrot

Echo Parakeet, Mascarene Parrakeet, Mauritius Parakeet

Red-tailed Amazon, Red-tailed Parrot (Cautious optimism here, as more problems are on the horizon. All improvement in numbers is in captive breeding programs.)

Saint Vincent Amazon (So precarious, one sanctuary being actively raided gets no support from the government to improve matters or help from the local police to fight off poachers)

122415 st vincent amazon

Saint Lucia Amazon (An example of what can be done when the government and the people support conservation)

Horned Parakeet

Bonus Parrot (and because eleven is my lucky number) Jacquot, Red-necked Amazon (Unusual because the biggest threat now to this bird is Mother Nature. Major hurricanes have reduced populations in the past. The numbers have not increased enough yet to withstand one more such storm)

042416 red neck amazon

Read up on these few bright spots in the endangered species areas, and when you can, please consider a monetary contribution to any one of the sites. Here is the list I used, although none of the links to birds worked. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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