Lovebirds Are Strange

I don’t know if you have ever had lovebirds, or been especially blessed to have one bond to you. If so, you will have noticed that lovies do some pretty strange things. Here are just a few that I have noticed repeatedly.

Lovebirds’ vocal cords are attached to their wings. They cannot make very much noise without flipping those little feathered fans on their back. Even in flight, they tend to chatter about what they see, where they think they are going, etc. I suppose in the wilds of Africa where they evolved this keeps the flock together.

fin in hand

Lovebirds like to be in motion, and prefer not to have to do much of it themselves. All my tame lovies like to ride on my shoulder when I walk about the house. When I had a larger flock of lovebirds, they would always come into the office and set down on the ceiling fan. The fan was never on when birds were having out time. Piro and Lorrie and many of their companions liked to sit on the blades of the fan and flap just enough to set it in motion. They would then ride around, chirping happily until something else caught their attention. That didn’t take much.

Lovebirds sing themselves to sleep. Even as I type this, little Kiwi, my currently youngest lovebird, is in his tent, making little noises that will no doubt help him relax and sleep. Rebel does the same thing. I have observed it with many lovies. I’ll hear them chirp and go to see if they are okay. Yup, just trying to get some sleep here.

Fin sleeping on pink sock
chirp. chirp. chirp.

This characteristic might be something that only Fin, my perfectly imperfect lovie does. He likes to fall asleep in my hand while chewing on me. His little bit of a beak that survived his encounter with an African grey parrot needs to stay strong, so at the end of a busy, fun filled day he will crawl into my hand (as long as I am just doing mouse stuff and not typing), get a grip on a finger, and chew-n-snooze.

Lovebirds are smart. My lovies have always known when I say that out time is over, they need to go into their cages. And they go. Some birds have had their cages changed many times, and it does require a little time for them to adjust. But adjust they do. Although I did have one pair that would routinely get into the cage they wanted and the pair that belonged in the cage would hang around outside that cage, complaining, until I got there to sort things out.

Flock of lovebirds

I suspect that someday we will discover that lovebirds are aliens that are watching us and sending back information to the home planet. They don’t really die at the end of their term of service here, they just release the body form and assume their true being somewhere out there. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

Dedicated to Tekla, Jake, Piro, Benny, Lorri, Nana, and all the lovies who have shared time with me and gone back home.

2 thoughts on “Lovebirds Are Strange

  1. How lovely your lovies are. As you know even though I love birds I don’t think I would be a good bird mom. But I love to see yours. We have a wonderful bird store near us. I brought Paul in to see how he does with birds. He was nervous but interested. I think we need to come to your house.

    1. I love showing off my flock. You could easily care for a budgie or a canary or even finches. It just depends on what kind of relationship you want with the bird. Remember Don Quixote and Dulcinea?

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