I’m Taking the Parrot for a Stroll

It’s no secret that I love my double yellow headed Amazon, Maynard, and most of the time he loves me. Even though he’s not very friendly, he is entertaining, and people like him. In fact a friend of mine who has trained lions and tigers and bears and dogs is frustrated that Maynard won’t interact with him. Sadly, parrots are so different from the animals he has worked with that the frustration may continue for a long time.

However, I would like Maynard to be better socialized, so I have a plan. I want to get a stroller, the kind designed for human kids, and stick a cage in it. It will become the very best Parrot Transport ever! I will need to let Maynard play around with it so that he becomes used to it and won’t panic.

051916 stroller with big cage
Style A
051916 small stroller
Style B

I can just see it now, walking the dog in the neighborhood and taking the parrot out for an airing. Maynard has expressed an interest in the great outdoors, especially when I go out there without him. One day he even walked out the open back door to find me. He’s never done that before, so further caution is now used. Luckily he has no idea that he can fly very high.

051916 next he will want toys
Of course, he will need toys.

And usually Maynard won’t step up on my hand. He prefers a perch which can double as a toy. But outside he seems to be ready to step up. I then stuff him in an empty cage I use for housing the birds in rotation while their cages are being cleaned. He didn’t mind that too much.

051916 backpack and stroller
A Convertable!

With summer coming soon and our lack of air conditioning, getting a parrot out in the cooling evening air will be nice, even if we just get on the patio. If the cage is detatchable, I can put it in the grass for some foraging and nature communing. We have a very shady back yard, so if I keep it groomed, this plan will be a very good one.

051916 an option
Other options
051916 car seat
Some day

What I am really looking forward to is my daily walk around a local lake. Lots of people are used to me being there with my dog. The parrot will be a complete surprise. I have to make warning signs so no one gets bitten. My dog doesn’t bite but my parrot does! Should be lots of fun.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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