When you give parrots out time but can’t stick around to watch them every second, they can end up in the oddest places. Even aviary birds can do strange things. I wish I had cameras in every cage and room so I didn’t miss out.

Some years ago we had a Fischer’s lovebird named Boo. She was a little tramp, always trying to get together with the males of different species who were in committed relationships. You could just hear her saying that she would show him a good time when she wagged her tail. Tsk, tsk. But Boo was also good at being very still and quiet. One night when it was time to put the birds away, Boo was not in the flock in the living room. We searched every room, behind furniture, in the toilets, in the bedroom, but no little black head bird could be found. We had to go to sleep, and thought we’d see her in the morning.

052216 like boo

No, we didn’t see her. When we got home from our jobs, we searched again. No lovebird. We had been very careful going in and out of the house, so we were reasonably sure she hadn’t gotten out. The next day, while moving things around under the bed, out flies our little escapee. She was soon caught and returned to her cage. After that, room doors were closed when birds were out. I expect that during the day while we were gone, Boo went out to get food and water, which we left out for her. Then went back to her hiding place.

We had a pair of parrotlets, my introduction to the birds, and wanted so badly to be able to touch them. That never happened. One time when I tried to pick up the female, Jade, she panicked and flew to the other end of the room. This is with clipped wings, too! She stopped on top of a bookcase, the slid down between the wall and the bookcase. Yikes! The space was too tight for her to use her wings to get out, and she hadn’t reached the floor so she couldn’t push off. We had to move boxes that were in front of the bookcase, the take all the books off the shelves to free her. Needless to say, she never did that again.

Jade and Brent

My button quail in the aviary are typical of their species. Anything and everything panics them. I discovered I have two males and one female. So I set up a separate cage in the aviary to keep the males from fighting. I struggled with finding the right water dish for him, and still check him a couple times a day. Yesterday morning, when I returned from filling his water dish, I found a really strange sight.

The Aviary – the blue thing is their bath water. It’s on top of an iron cage.

In the aviary, I have a round iron bird cage. Round cages are not the best for parrots, they want a corner to hand in. So I use this one as a stand for a bath dish on its flat top. I did keep a plant in the cage for a while, but it became a nesting place for rodents. The door to this cage is always closed and turned to the wall of the aviary. It’s difficult to open the door for humans with opposable thumbs.

Button quail — rather dim

How my primary male button quail, Snow, got inside the cage, I will never know. He was going crazy trying to find a way out. I had to turn the cage, open the (rusty) door, and shoo him out. I’m hoping, like Jade, that he will never do that again.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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