Free Day!

I spent all of my writing day at a meeting for writers, and failed to get my parrot blog written ahead of time. So I am going to cheat a little bit and post links to some of my favorite videos of birds. Not just parrots, but birds for sure.

First, zebra finches playing guitar.

Dad and baby

Not a favorite so much because of the music, but just because of the idea of a Congo African Grey as the lead singer of a death metal band.

052616 hatebeak


A snoring hummingbird.

A cockatiel who wants to be in Riverdance. (Hope that works, can’t find it anywhere but on Facebook.)

Cockatoo puts doberman in a crate.

122415 umbrella


Boxes aren’t just for cats.

Some lies and some truths about owning a parrot.

Great talking budgie.

091315 budgie

Clover the CAG talking.

CAGS Einstein and Bibi.

052616 cags

Greenwing macaw Dino.

Blue and gold macaw and greenwing macaw.

Hyacinth macaw.

052616 hyacinths

Birdman of Las Vegas.

Thanks for reading (and watching!), I’ll be back on Sunday.


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