Feathers to Fly With

In my spare time, when I am not cleaning bird cages, I write romances. I particularly love Regency Romances, because the language is a real hoot. In fact, when someone said he doesn’t have a feather to fly with, they meant the person in question was extremely poor, no money, nothing that could be turned into cash in a hurry.Five Feathers

My financial situation isn’t bad, but I have many, many feathers, should I choose to fly with them. I don’t know what HSA would say about it, probably search me to look for smuggled birds. Not sure why they would think I was smuggling birds out of the country, but there you are.

Throwing the feathers away always seems like a waste to me. I guess I watched too many Daffy Duck cartoons as a kid. Wish the birds kept them all number for just such an occasion, and then poked them back in where they belong. This would solve so many problems.

060916 white feathers

I often teasingly say to my parrots, “Clean up your room!” Meaning their cage. So far none of them have made the slightest effort. And I have yet to determine which is worse, a lot of tiny feathers from the finches and budgies, or a handful of big feathers from the CAGs and the Amazon.

060916 feather of feathers

So if I wanted to do something fun with the feathers, I was thinking of turning a wall in the bird room into a photo gallery. I would have a nice portrait of the bird framed, and attach the feathers to the frame. A neat idea, but labor intensive and also requires taking pictures. I can usually tell which feathers came from which bird, but not always. In fact, I only know that the purple feathers that came from Fin did so because he wandered into the kitchen when I wasn’t aware of the fact, and stepped on his tail. Sigh.

060916 ornament

Another cool idea I found on Pinterest is just a Christmas thing, but I guess you could display them year around. Using a clear glass ornament bulb, put the feathers inside and then seal it up. Could even write the bird’s name on the bulb.

I used to give all my feathers to a woman in the bird club who in turn made beautiful jewelry from them. She would even take the feathers and a special order for what you wanted. I was going to have one set of earrings for each bird.

060916 frames

What would you do with your bird feathers if you could do anything? Let me know in the comemnts. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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