I Think Nacho Likes it Here

Some months ago, I had the pleasure of getting to know a green cheek conure named Nacho. He was giving the other parrot in his home a hard time, so his mom made the hard decision to rehome him. I offered, she brought him over, and we hit it off. Not only did we welcome him into the flock, but his mom has become an interesting person to stay in touch with.Nacho 4

Nacho does a few tricks in exchange for sunflower seeds. He turns in a circle. He bobs his head. He looks really pleased with himself. Everyone who meets him falls under his charm spell. I have taken him to my support group meetings and to bird club meetings. We have folks over once a month and I bring him out for those who really like birds.

One day recently, I heard Nacho’s particular noise during out time. Usually, when I open his cage, he’ll hop over to the cockatiels and ringnecks to visit and play. But on this day, he had gotten down on the floor and come as far as the dining room to see what I was doing. I picked him up and set him on the small bird play stand next to my desk.

He ate seeds and watched me type, then dozed for a bit. He got down on the play stand to look at the toys and throw them on the floor. Good times! When out time ended, he hopped up on my hand and went back in his cage.

Nacho has repeated this a few times, but not every day. Still, it is wonderful to know he actually seeks my company now and then. I must be doing something right. I guess the little chunks of banana some afternoons might have a little to do with it.

On a recent game night, I brought Nacho out and let him visit with a friend who really wants to be able to interact with parrots. Eventually Nacho made it over to another friend who has actually expressed interest in taking him if we ever had to rehome him. (Not likely, for a number of reasons.) This friend was sitting next to me at the table. As soon as he could, Nacho jumped over to my arm. He stayed with me for the rest of the evening, refusing all attempts to hand him off to other interested parties.

061616 just a bird

I’m amazed at how quickly these creatures work their way into my heart. Nacho gives kisses, now that I have learned to trust him. He also gets very excited when Mike turns off the lights at light, and lines up for his belly scratches like the other birds. Nacho’s preference might just be that he’s more comfortable with us than with near strangers, but that preference still makes me feel blessed. And even better, I think he likes it here.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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