How do We Know Who to Help?

When the last white rhino dies, we will know as a species we failed to help when it would have made a difference. The little I did was to become a member of the San Diego Zoological Society. Not enough by any means. As gorillas, crocodiles, and bears all suffer because of human stupidity one way or another, they are at least getting media coverage, along with elephants and whales.

But what about the small creatures who also live on our planet? The World Wildlife Fund lists very few birds on its Endangered Species list. It does have a listing for macaw. Sadly, that must mean all species of macaws are endangered. Habitat loss and pet trade illegal trapping are the main causes, and what you can do about it includes donating money to WWF and adopting a virtual macaw. At the bottom of the page linked above, you can see the other animals that figure in the world of the macaw, and who also need some help to survive.

122415 blue and gold macaw

Granted, a macaw is hardly a small creature. The mountain plover is small and a very ordinary speckled brown and grey color. It only nests on open or sparsely covered ground, often where prairie dogs live. When prairie dogs are eliminated or the ground dug up for planting, the bird is not comfortable nesting there. This isn’t a problem in the distant Amazon jungle, this is right in our back yard. There has to be a way to leave small plots bare to encourage the plover, one of only 12 grassland birds we can call our own.

062616 wwf

Audubon Society is one of the best sites to follow to stay on top of birds in danger of extinction. Their list is extensive.

The American eagle, the black-throated blue warbler, cranes, storks, and hawks all made the list. What can we do to help them recover?

062616 black throat blue

Recycle everything possible. Devote your garbage to compost. Even if you live in an apartment, there are community garden spots almost everywhere, and I can’t imagine any gardener turning down such offerings. Walk or bike as much as possible. Drive the most efficient car you can afford. Teach the youth in your life to respect all life and to find more ways to help. Hold aluminum can and plastic bottle recycling to raise money to donate to conservation efforts. And follow the news about restoring habitats and releasing native animals back into their own world.

062616 earth mother

We’ve done a lot to throw this planet off kilter. We can do a lot to help it back to balance. Start with your own thoughts and feelings about the world you inhabit. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.



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