Watch Your Step!

In the aviary, we always shuffle our feet in case the button quail pick that moment to scamper across the cage. The little birds are very delicate and one wrong step could be the end of a quail.Especially just hatched chicks. Shuffling not only means we are not likely to injure a bird, but also that we are stirring up the seeds on the ground and exposing yummy bugs and grubs. Button quail love their grubs.

baby buttons

When I did colony breeding in the aviary, I never had a problem with any chicks falling out of a nest box, but shuffling would be a good thing during breeding seasons as well. Right now, I am dedicated to breeding pairs and not a colony. Less stress for me.

Fin is usually good about staying on his play stand during out time, so I have left him (and now his companion Rebel) out to enjoy themselves when Mike and I go to walk Tilda. Only once did that turn out to be a bad idea. Fin was waiting for us at the front door. When I walk in with my shades on – let’s just say that missing part of his upper beak might not have been Fin’s worst experience.

Fin with frayed tail

He does come to find me in the kitchen now and then if he thinks I have been gone too long. Usually, he makes some noise so that I know he’s there. At least once, however, my first inkling of his presence was my foot brushing over his tail. Yikes! Once at least he didn’t move quickly enough and lost his tail feathers. Shuffling in the kitchen is the new silly walk.


Camera-shy Rebel


Maynard comes into the kitchen with me on many occasions. He’s big enough, being an Amazon parrot, that I am aware of him and I know he will come in there so I watch where I step. He did lose a tail feather once, I must have been asleep or something, But most of the time he stays away from my feet.


Shuffling around Maynard is a bad idea. He’s not potty trained at all. I do my best to clean up after him as he progresses, but on some days I have too much else to do. It’s better to just watch your step until the poop dries and be sure to wear shoes on the carpeting. So lucky it’s old carpeting that will be replaced whenever we decide to move out.

Anyone who has birds that get out time, clipped or not, knows to watch their step. Safety First! Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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