Eric the Legend

I can’t believe I just found these videos. Eric is a bare-eyed cockatoo with attitude. My husband posted this video of Eric who loves broccoli being a little attitude on wings to my Facebook page. I love it!

071416 eric vs broccoli

Then I saw this one where Eric helps with the housework.

And Eric being a jumper bunny giving love bites.

Like Maynard, Eric has a foot fetish, but socks must be worn.

071416 eric rude bird

Here he is being himself.

And telling people he’s a legend.

What to do when you are a bored cockatoo.

071416 eric no fucks

Not allowing his people any privacy.

Not a good idea to watch a film about snakes with a parrot.

Going to bed is for people, not birds.

And trying to get those darn kids off his fence.


071416 eric the star
Eric is STAR material!


There’s more. Subscribe if you want to get the latest as soon as they are available. I will never actually own a cockatoo, as far as I know, (hey, I used to say that about Amazons, go figure) but I cetainly appreciate people who do and can share their bird’s antics with us. I cheated this week because I am actually at a writer’s convention, but thanks for reading and watching. I’ll be back on Sunday.


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