Changes in Their Cages

I love the music of Simon & Garfunkel, especially the song At The Zoo. There’s a line about an animal being skeptical of changes in their cages. I think the songwriter missed a bet, that should have been about a parrot. Have you ever tried to introduce a new toy without taking several cautious steps to let the bird get used to it first? Pandemonium breaks out for days.

I have a video, which I can’t post unless I upgrade here, of our blind Congo African Grey Io reacting to being put in a new cage temporarily while I cleaned his regular cage. He cried all day but settled down by night. The next day when the regular cage was dry, back in he went. He cried for a few minutes. So cute that he realized where he was.

Unhappu Io.mp4_snapshot_00.11_[2016.07.08_20.59.39]

Little green cheek conure Nacho has a big pie-wedge shaped cage all to himself because he is a very active bird for his size. Watching him play with his round-bottomed toy that rolls right back up when he knocks it down is hilarious. Much of what is in his cage now came from the travel cage he was in when I got him. The few things that were not are totally ignored, including a seed stick treat. Nope, not going to touch it, you might be trying to poison me.

Nacho 4

I am happily attempting to set up two outside breeder cages with safety airlocks and shelters and all the bells and whistles. I want to put all the finches into one of those cages, and let them colony breed. None of them are all that thrilled with my arbitrary selection of mates for them. The other cage will have our Indian Ringneck parrots, Wraith and Orion. We have until March 2017 to find out if Orion is, in fact, Oriana. And if she is, they will get a nest box and I will be hand feeding baby ringnecks. If not, I will still be looking for a female IRN for Wraith. Orion will just have to chill in the big aviary with the cockatiels.

These moves will create space in the bird room for the inside cockatiels, the ones who are too needy for outside conditions. It also means that Nacho can go into a slightly smaller cage with lots of out time in the living room. The pie wedge cage can go outside as a sunning cage for Maynard or whoever needs to be out for a while.

outrigger cage

I’ll still have two sun conures and an orange front conure and a green cheek conure in the living room. I’ll have four budgies, a pair of canaries, a green singer, a single gray singer, a pair of gray singers, a green cheek, a half-moon, a sun, and an orange front in the bird room. Not to mention the occasional clutch of button quail chicks and near adults.

The office will have a pair of canaries, a pair of CAGs, four lovebirds, and the ever-present Maynard. I’m wondering if the lovebirds, as they are currently two pairs, might do well in a large cage together? And how long will it take everyone to calm the heck down? So many joys to look forward to. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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