Love On The Wing

I just finished attending 4 days at the Romance Writers of America National Convention in San Diego so my mind is a little focused on things of that nature. During one wait for a workshop to start, I began jotting down titles of books about avian romances.

Sweet, Savage Senegal –- A wild-caught Senegal parrot wants to be friendly but also wants to bite in fear. Can his human cross the barriers between their species and tame this savage heart?

My Alpha Amazon — Tall, green, and handsome, this double-yellow headed Amazon is in charge, and wants things to go his way. But what price is he willing to pay for the love of a good woman?

072116 amazon

The Grey Who Loved Me — A Romantic Suspense about a Congo African Grey who knows all about the real murderer and the reasons behind the killing. She won’t talk for just anyone.

Three on a Perch — Spicy menage following the adventures of three happy lovebirds who beat the species stereotype to live happily ever after in a nest big enough for all of them.

072116 lovebirds

The Wolf in Conure Feathers — Late at night, when no human is watching, a spunky green cheek conure slips out of his cage and into the wings of a lonely orange front conure. He promises her all the sunflower seeds that she can eat and a life without cages. She lets him preen her, but knows better than to believe in him.

Budgie Billionaire — Owned by the richest man in the Outback, Petey has everything a parakeet could want, except a mate for life. He hits the nightclubs in Sydney, looking for a sweet, young thing to take home. But the flashy spangle on the dance pole catches his eye and his heart. Will she give up her career to be the wife of a rich bird?

072116 spangle

Innocent Dove — Angel really did fall from the sky, after a hawk attacked her. A nice human took her to the vet and she lived to tell about it. Then a dark stranger walked into her cage, ready to take her innocence from her. First, he has to win her wildly beating heart.

Wild Sparrow, Caged Finch — Brody likes a clean cage, a full cup of water, and fresh greens every day. He likes talking to the other finches in the bird room. Until he sees the beautiful sparrow hen perched on the fence outside his window. If he can’t talk her in to his world, he will have to escape to join hers.

The Duke’s Flock — The Duke of Charring Cross has collected a flock of feral Indian Ringneck Parakeets on his property. They live happily enough until one of them hatches out a blue chick! Then the accusations fly as to who fathered the mutant. Kicked out of his nest at an early age, Blue takes up with a flighty older hen who teaches him the best way to feather a nest.

072116 blue

Highland Flights — The heather is blooming and the wild birds are singing. A monk parakeet is tempted by a mitered conure to fly to the highest mountains in Scotland and build a family. Are there enough sticks on Ben Macdui to make a decent Quaker nest?

Cockatiel Cowboy — Tweety likes to sit on Bill Storm’s hat as they round up the cattle in the distant pastures and drive them down to the ranch for branding. The new owner of the ranch has brought a delicate pearl cockatiel to homestead, one who makes Tweety’s heart quiver. If he can get Bill and the owner together, then he will have a chance at Pearl. It’s not going to be easy.

072116 tweety

Clan of the Queen of Bavaria Conures — Dwindling habitat and poachers make life in the rainforest difficult. But as Clan Leader, Doubloon must keep them moving, keep them safe. Now is a bad time to be distracted by the prettiest chick to hatch in Brazil.

072116 doubloon

Wow, that was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoyed it, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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