Downsizing Goal with a Date

If you make a goal but don’t set the time frame, you are just making a wish. For example, I want to publish the second book in my Regency Banquet series but always hoped to have it out by August 2016. Now I am going to put it up for pre-sales, so I have to have it published by the date I pick. I have been wishing for an easy way to take care of my birds so that I have more time for writing. Now, I have a date of March 1st to shoot for. My next writing convention is in March 2017, and I want to go! I’d like my husband to come along, but if he has to take care of the birds, the dog, the cat, and the plants, the plan will fail.

How will I downsize? The first way I will call Attrition. This includes birds that escape, birds that die, and chicks that I sell. I’m looking at the cockatiels carefully, as they will have entries in all these categories of Attrition.


072816 cockatiel memorial
Perfect Memorial for a beloved companion.


The other way will be Rehoming. I have a pair of conures, a half moon and a green cheek, who are bonded so they have to go together. The half moon is insane, an attack bird of evil intention. I would keep the green cheek because she was a sweet bird at one time, but exposure to Mr. Crazy Feathers has warped her. So one bundle of crazy it is.


072816 oregon rescue
Large rescue in progress.


The third category is rather a cheat. Putting the inside birds Outside. I have two cages out there right now that are in need of legs to become stable, then all the zebra finches will go into one and the Indian Ringnecks will go in the other. I have a beautiful cage frame like a pagoda. It needs lots of work, having the old chicken wire cut off, getting it powder coated, then adding the new hardware cloth and a roof. I’m thinking of putting one pair of doves in it someday. Just a wish at this time.


072816 aviary dream
Nice, but needs an airlock.


The last category is the hardest to downsize. Keeping. Our two special needs African Greys are staying forever. DYH Amazon Maynard is staying forever. Violet lovebird Fin and his mate Rebel will stay forever. Lutino lovebird Blondie has been with us for many years and is showing signs of her age. When she passes on, I will probably rehome her mate Tip.


Dani in the corner
Sweet Dani


Nacho, a green cheek, will be with us forever unless he shows a real preference for someone else. I don’t like to keep moving birds around from home to home. That’s one reason I might have trouble rehoming the crazy bird Beeby. We are his third home that we know of. Sun conures Sunny and Zazu are staying forever, each having been rehomed to us. Dani, orange front conure, is a special needs and we are her third home. She stays.


072816 a budgie
Budgies rehome easily.


Cockatiel Kai was rehomed to us and is showing signs of age. Several of the other inside cockatiels will be put outside soon. I want to find a way to isolate nest boxes out there with a pair of birds to see which ones will give me live chicks. Then I may sell them as proven pairs. My four budgies I will simply rehome as I have no interest in breeding them at this time.


072816 another aviary
Very nice, but again, needs a safety airlock.


We will keep Rico, our waterslager canary, and hopefully, find him a hen in the autumn or winter. I will keep my green singing finch and my three gray finches. And the two elderly canaries will stay with us forever. Currently, all the button quail I have are related to each other, with the unexpected loss of Snow this past week. I want to keep my girls and exchange the boys for unrelated males. But no more breeding for a while.


072816 attachment to bird
Not all the time.


I think it may be easy to have someone come to the backyard and feed and water the aviaries. This person could also take care of the cat. We have friends who will watch the dog for us. But we still have a dozen or so birds inside. I do have a few more cages that could be set up, but I need to put the birds out now for the scheme to work. And canaries can’t go outside. It is a puzzlement.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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