Babies in the Nursery Again

Apparently, I do not understand the meaning of the words to downsize. According to it means:

verb (used with object), downsized, downsizing.

1. to design or manufacture a smaller version or type of:

The automotive industry downsized its cars for improved fuel economy.

2. to reduce in number; cut back.

The second there is the one I am trying to do with my flock. However, I have accepted a beautiful male English Budgie named Eddie. Now I am looking for a beautiful hen to go with him. Almost no one has English budgies or parakeets in my area.


maynard helping week one
Why do we need more birds?


I’m selling two young cockatiels to a friend, but I may have to deliver them. So that the parents can have another clutch. I have a female canary now, and breeding season is just around the corner. I’ll have more purple lovebirds and I soon will be putting the Indian Ringnecks outside so that IF Orion is a girl, we might have babies.

Breeding and increasing the flock are two different things, in my opinion. I breed birds to create beautiful pets for lucky people. Honestly, that’s my goal. Yes, babies take more time away from my writing and other things than just keeping up with the flock does. But look at these little alien faces! How can you say no?

My good friend Johan is downsizing. I actually said no to some birds he wanted to give me. I did, however, agree to hand feed the chicks in one aviary of cockatiels that he wanted to take out. I showed up with a transport container. Then he asked if I wanted an English male budgie. I have been telling myself that if I ever breed budgies again, it will be the sweet, gentle English ones. So I took home the male and three babies.

The next day I showed up again to get some cages he no longer needed and learned that one of the nest boxes Johan thought was empty actually had a nearly fledged chick inside. This poor little girl was alone all night; all the other birds were moved out. The door was open and any predator could have gone in to take her. I added her to my nursery and have named her Lucky.

The other babies have call names so I can tell them apart. You may recall that with my violet lovebirds, I had to put food coloring on their heads to tell them apart. The cockatiels are currently easier to differentiate. There’s Wee One, Kettle, Highpockets, and Lucky. She is getting along very well with the babies and cuddles with them during the night.

maynard helping week two
Maynard after tasting the baby food.

In a few weeks, these chicks will be in a regular cage and be doing well, I’m sure. And I will miss them. Next time I will talk about some of my hand feeding tricks. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.



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