Indian Ringnecks

For many years now I have been finding adorable videos online of adorable Indian ringneck parakeets. There’s this one:

And Marnie, who has a lot of videos:

And this one:

Let’s not forget this one:

So, of course, I want to have an Indian ringneck parakeet that is sweet and playful and funny. These birds live to be 15 years old but may live to be 25. They are hardy and good in aviaries, and feral flocks exist in my area. Males are sexually mature at age 2, but females may take as long as 4 years to decide to settle down. My birds are 3 years old (male) and almost 2 years old (female). I have a nice breeding cage being set up as we speak and hope to throw the pair outside to acclimate for a while. Next summer I will give them a nest box and cross my fingers.


Wraith on the ceiling
Wraith is a funny bird.


In the wild, these parrots like to nest in hollow logs. I think I can find a suitable log and let them hollow it out. The problem will be making an access panel in the log so I can track their progress. IRPs don’t mate for life, so if this couple does not work out, I can think about re-pairing them with new mates. Experienced and proven mates would be wonderful.

I wanted blue ringnecks, thanks to the Marnie videos, but I love Wraith, my gray male. He is split to blue and super smart. He talks some, mostly says his name, says “Oh!” and “Good bird!”

Orion, on the other hand, is normal green and doesn’t talk at all. We are hoping this bird turns out to be female. So far, there are no clear signs. A faint neck ring has appeared, but not grown any darker. We will easily change the name to Oriona when the time comes.


082516 normal green IRP
Orion/a is a normal green like this bird.


Wraith was hand fed and sweet when I brought him home. I was told he was a girl, and we have friends with a blue male that we were going to work with to get some babies. Day Two, Wraith would no longer come to me or anyone. He’s not wild and crazy, but he is sure he should not be handled. I think he didn’t get enough socializing with people other than his hand feeder.


082516 baby ringneck
OMG baby!


Orion was not hand fed. She came home wild and crazy. I put the two birds across from each other so they could get an idea of compatibility. But a few days later I needed one of the cages so I love Orion over to live with Wraith. They don’t cuddle or act like sweethearts, but they do live in peace. I hope that continues, no matter what the outcome of Orion’s sex. Like to see them be happy together.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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