Parrot Potpourri

I realize I first heard that word, Potpourri, on the old and ground-breaking series, Laugh-in. Took me a while to learn to spell it. But here are a few small incidences that happened in my life recently.

Maynard can get very cranky in the morning if he thinks Mike isn’t getting up on time. Maynard lives for his morning toast, even though sometimes he just throws it on the floor of his cage. Obviously, he’s not starving, but he doesn’t want to be forgotten. Actually, if anyone goes in the kitchen and is there for a few minutes, he will tell them, “Come here!” so he can see what they might have gotten or cooked.

maynard helping week one

The other day I had the apple slices handed out except for African Grey, Bo Dangles. I had opened her cage but hadn’t provided the platform to take her out of her cage. Then I saw that I hadn’t put up the barrier that prevents her from going to Mike’s desk and chewing things up. I put her apple slice down on the platform under her cage and turned to insert the barrier. When I turned back, my dog Tilda had a big, red smile. She had slurped up the apple slice with the skin showing. I made her drop it and then offered it to Bo. She looked at me as if to say, “Really? You want me to eat an apple that a dog slobbered on?” Not only wouldn’t she eat the apple, she decided to just stay in her cage that day.

Doesn’t that remind you of licking all your candy so your brother or sister wouldn’t want it?

I had a bad day last week, one I won’t soon forget. I put my three inside button quail outside in one of the new cages I got recently. I’m really happy with the set up for them. They are on the grass, and can nibble bugs and weeds to their hearts’ content. I then cleaned up the cage they had been in and put the almost weaned cockatiels I’ve been hand feeding into that. Because we have been having cool nights, I put a hot rock in the cage. This cage is unusual, as there is only one door in front. I should have taken the grill out and put the rock in through the bottom. I was in a hurry and just put it in and wedged the door shut on the cord.


crowd in a box
Kettle is on the right in this photo.


When I came home later, I was putting things away in the kitchen. Tilda wanted to go look around the front yard. So I opened the door and let her out. I should have gone out with her and shut the front door. I did not do that. While standing in the yard and watching Tilda sniff around, I saw a bird fly as fast as it could in front of me. I thought, “Gosh, that looks like a cockatiel.”

Tilda barked at the mailman so we had to go back in. I checked on the babies, the door to their cage had been opened and there were only three. Huh. I looked all over the house for the missing bird, until suddenly I remembered the cockatiel flying over my head in my front yard. Dang! In hindsight, there were so many things I could have done to prevent that escape. The worst part was having to email the man who owned the birds and tell him about the lost one.


He’s a nice guy and took it very well. The escaped bird was the least nice of the clutch, very aggressive and bitey. Probably a female. Since that bird has been gone, the others have been even more sweet and friendly. Such is life.

On top of this, when I put Bo back in her cage, she was in a playful mood and didn’t want to get on her platform. I used a perch to urge her onto it, but got a little rough, and she let me know that she didn’t like that! Later when I tried to give her scritches she tried to bite me. And at the end of the evening, my lovebird Fin, the one missing half of his beak thanks to a bite from Io the African Grey, decided to fly over to Io’s cage and give him a second chance at finishing the job! My heart was beating so hard when I grabbed Fin. Mike got the scissors and we trimmed wings right then.

fin in hand

On a happier note, our green cheek conure Nacho is becoming more loving every day. When Mike turns off the lights at night, Nacho lines up for kisses and scritches like all the other birds. To add his own touch, however, he now spends some time grooming Mike’s beard. How cute is that?

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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