Apple Cider Vinegar

In my kitchen, I have two Brita pitchers that I use to fill up the drinking water tubes and dishes for all my birds. The Brita pitchers are easy to use, and we also have a water bottle style filter system that holds much more water but dispenses it slowly. So we keep that for human consumption. And even with data showing the filters don’t do a whole lot for the water, I still feel better doing this rather than not.

My town has really hard water, so the filtered water is rather a necessity. They added fluoride, too, so more issues to think about. Bottled water is not an option with so many birds. But we do have a weapon that will make the water good for the birds and counteract one problem the filtered water causes.

Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the “mother” is my secret. A few drops in the water and bacteria levels are reduced. Plus the birds get added nutrition just from their water. White vinegar is great for cleaning bird cages and dishes, but the ACV is more effective when consumed.

If you are wondering about the “mother” bit, I have also wondered recently. Used to be the best unfiltered ACV came from Mother Bragg’s, but then the name changed to just Bragg’s. Several other companies began putting the phrase, “with the mother” on their bottles. Turns out, in the processing of apple cider vinegar, a non-toxic slime grows, consisting of yeast and acetic acid bacteria. This little bundle of stuff is referred to as the mother of the vinegar. It’s what makes apple cider into vinegar. And it has all the good stuff that had been filtered out in other times.

Wait, you say. Bacteria? You are adding bacteria to your birds’ waters? As I mentioned, one of the drawbacks to filtered water is that a bacteria colony eventually forms in the filter. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria. Adding the apple cider vinegar to the water defeats the bad stuff and puts in the good stuff.

Having the right gut flora and fauna is essential for healthy birds. It has been discovered that it’s pretty darn important for people, too. The more research being done on weight loss links to healthy gut bacteria, the more veracity in the age-old claim that taking ACV will help with dropping excess pounds for people. It no doubt works for your little perch potato, too.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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