Watching the Wilds

With aviaries and cages in my back yard, I have always been blessed with wild birds in the trees and bushes. We even get hummingbirds when the citrus trees and jacaranda tree bloom. Not sure if they are just getting braver or if the increased supply is just too much to resist.

The loveliest part of my day is my afternoon break. I used to always sit in my chair in the living room and read. But now I can take Maynard outside and put him in a cage he’s familiar with, sit in my director’s chair, and read and watch the delights of my yard.

First of all, my own birds are so much fun to watch. The finches are in finch paradise these days. They really love being outside, and last night’s little thunderstorm did nothing to drench their enthusiasm.


Just before I set up all the new outside cages, we had a visit from a Cooper’s hawk. He seemed most interested in the doves, but while I snapped a few pictures, he moved over to the big aviary and seemed to be considering his choices. “Lovebird for starters, cockatiel for entree, and button quail for afters.” Then he realized I was documenting his being in my yard and flew away.

This line up of local finches is so entertaining. One will fly down to the spilled seed on the ground, then go back to the fence. The next one will try that, then the next. Then they sit on the fence and chatter. I couldn’t get a clear picture but some of these have red heads. I think they are the local house finch, and what an interesting story I found about them. Follow this link for the details.


So there I am, sitting in my chair, a drink at hand, a book to read, a cat purring on my lap, and a dog sniffing around the yard. The ringnecks calling to me, the zebra finches singing, the quail, and the dove calling. Meanwhile, Maynard is hanging upside-down from the outside cage, gazing at the sky and the birds that fly overhead. I know I am taking a huge chance with him, as his wings are growing out of their last clipping, but I let him climb outside the cage and move around.


Maynard tried to climb down the thin metal legs of the cage stand, but the grass was wet. He changed his mind and climbed back up. That’s my brave, wild Amazon parrot.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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