Road Trip!

In a day or two, I’ll be going north with a friend to our favorite bird store, Magnolia Bird Farm in Corona. I’ve never been to their Anaheim store, so someday I will plan on that. In the meantime, I am looking forward to zipping up to the place I call the Disneyland for Bird Lovers.

The parking lot is the first place to look around. Lots of breeding cages, nest boxes, and all sorts of used things are on display. My friend has a truck so we can be pretty darn generous to ourselves. We usually park near the warehouse door so the guys can load us up with 50-pound bags of seeds. Magnolia is the best place to get quality seed at a good price. I just wish they would open a store in San Diego or Temecula.


Black cap caique, fun parrot!


The warehouse also has aviaries with lovebirds, doves, budgies, and lots of other fun birds. As long as you don’t get in the way of the workers and the forklifts, you can stroll through there and look. Pet the cats if you like, they seem to expect it.




In the main building, there’s a counter to the left of the door and a round counter in front of you. Check out the handmade baskets and fun things for sale there. They go to fund a really good cause. To the right, behind the round counter, you’ll see all the seeds, treats, additives, medication, and a row of cages for big birds. At the back wall is another counter with small cages on it. That’s where the hand-raised birds are displayed. Be sure to ask before playing with the birds.


Across from the seeds are the cages, trays, play stands, more cages, and perches, toys, and carriers. Special items for doves and pigeons are there, as well as special nests for Gouldian finches. Outside are flight cages full of some of the most beautiful birds you will ever see. Shaft-tail finches, macaws, cockatoos, budgies, and much more. Sometimes you will see an iguana on the floor of the finch aviary. The iguana controls rodents just by his scent, and the finches are too fast to be a snack. I love the use of natural pest control.


Back inside, and now to the right, is the first stop I usually make, the restrooms. But there are also more birds! Canaries, grass parakeets of all sorts, and once, a toucan. Across the aisle, there is a room for birds that had to be surrendered by their owners. These birds, if you have the room in your heart and the time to devote to them, will be a true reward. Cockatoos, Amazons, macaws, and even cockatiels looking for the right match for their own hearts.


I’m looking for a female English budgie to go with my male and a female grey singer finch to go with my male. Plus some breeding cages that will fit inside my big aviary and enough seed to get us through until the next road trip.

Thanks for reading. I have made the hard decision to cut back to once per week with this blog. I love writing about my birds, but I need to be more focused on my fiction. So I’ll be back on Sunday.


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