Bird Marts Are Special

Last weekend, I organized parking for my local bird club’s bird mart. This was the second year in a row that I volunteered to do that job. I was better prepared and things went smoothly. I had a great time and spent time with an amazing range of bird people. That’s why I love to be involved.

I only had one volunteer to help me and the day of the event he canceled. I was only surprised it took him so long to back out. Luckily, I can rely on my husband Mike to bail me out of these situations. I just have to put up with him saying I can never to this again.


The only photo I took of the 2015 bird mart


I wanted to buy an English budgie hen. Sadly, none of the vendors had any. I did find a female gray singing finch and got some nest boxes for my finches in the aviaries. We bought lunch from the vendors there and did our best to support the people who showed up at our venue.

Among the guests were the club members, all friends I wanted to see and spend time with. I chatted with the vendors whom I knew. Back in the day I ran the bird mart and got to know a bunch of the sellers. They are fun people. One man sells an amazing array of hookbills which he transports all in a van. A white panel van. No matter how many times I watch him unload the birds then load them back in, I can’t believe he can do that. The van has to be a tardis.


My command center


We hold an opportunity drawing each year with great prizes, but this year few people were interested in that. The best item on the table was a hand-fed baby cockatiel who turned out to be super sweet and tame. Even if I do say so myself, because I did feed and wean him. He went with a nice cage and was won by a club member. I am relieved to know he is going to a good home.

I am somewhat outgoing and I love interacting with the people. I asked the first person who went back to her car empty-handed if she had ordered one of everything and it would be delivered. She laughed. I saw a man with a small cage of finches and a very large nest box, so I asked him if he thought the tiny birds would do well in the nest. He said he hoped to get a lot more finches this way.


First customers


One family showed up with two young girls and Mike and I immediately knew which one was the bird fan. The youngest child wore a dress with toucans in the print and clutched a stuffed toy parrot. She enjoyed looking at the wares for sale. I didn’t see her parents buy anything special for her, so maybe she just had a fun day “window shopping”.

At the end of the day, I had overdone the running around and directing. I hurt and wanted to sleep for days. Mike packed up and we drove home, looking forward to watching a movie and just chilling. Of course, we had to walk the dog.


Early vendors


Sunday I woke up feeling wonderful. I had more energy than I’d had in a long time. The next day I felt the same way. I actually went back to the lake and walked a mile like I used to. I can’t wait to get back to walking over 2 miles per day.


Local Artist Gamini Ratnavira, a regular vendor and amazing artist


Late in November, there is a big bird mart north of us, and the club is considering having a table there. We might sell a few birds, but mostly we want to get new members. I am so ready to help out. I love bird marts, love bird people, and just love being able to set my stuff down someplace while I walk around. It’s a win-win situation in my eyes. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday.



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