Holiday Treats for the Flock

In reality, every day should be like Christmas for our companion birds. They thrive on foraging, opening boxes, new toys (after a trial period), and healthy treats. Yet many of us feel the urge to make one day special every year. Here are some hints on things to try if you aren’t already doing them.


O, Broccoli Tree, O, Broccoli Tree!

My canaries love broccoli, as do most of the finches, the cockatiels, the lovebirds, and one of the African Greys. So making a little fir tree shape with broccoli florets, making a garland of bell pepper, cranberries dotted here and there, and putting a macaroni star on the top (or make a star from yellow bell pepper) is super easy and creative. Finely chopped cauliflower makes great snow. This link gives you all the details plus two more holiday treats.

If you don’t feel like or don’t have time to get that that together, take the same ingredients and make a chop salad. Here’s a wonderful chart to mix and match lots of great food for the birds.


And of course, the traditional banana coated with peanut butter and rolled in Cheerios on a stick.

Santa’s Toys for Parrots and Other Avians

Simple things make the best toys, so if you are hoping for an easy Do-It-Yourself toy, you have come to the right blog. Collect plastic tops from milk jugs, wash them, poke a hole in the center, and string them up. Another cool idea is to take balls you might already have for the birds and tie them to the perch or the top of a cage. And if you get a plethora of new toys, attach a shallow basket to the side of the cage and store the toys there.

The cutest idea for people toys used for birds is a plastic slinky attached to the top of a cage for budgies to use as a trail. How fun is that?


Food or Toy? Why Not Both?

Take any clean, empty container you might usually recycle. Oatmeal tubs work really well, but any cardboard box can be used. Fill the container almost completely with wadded up paper or hay. Sprinkle in seeds, a few nuts, and some small cardboard or straw chew things. Your birds will take a while to figure it out at first, but then there will be no stopping them.


Empty plastic bottles rock for your bigger birds. Put a hole in the side near the top, slip some string or rawhide thong through and knot it. Then push in some nuts, like almonds, pistachios, or hazelnuts, that won’t just fall right back out. If you bird recognized the treats, he’ll be busy working on it all day.


Slice off the base of the celery bunch, leaving an inch or two from the bottom. Hide sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, and even fruit-flavored pellets in between the stalks.

Your bigger birds will love a bunch of walnuts and brazil nuts strung on wire, curved in a spiral, and hung in the cage. Make sure to use bird-safe items to build it. Birds as small as finches will enjoy a whiffle ball or pickle ball stuffed with fruits, veggies, and seeds.


Where will your tired birds sleep at the end of the busy and happy holiday fun? Why not make a bird-bower bed like this? Too adorable, but the link on Pinterest doesn’t go to a how-to page. You may need to fake it. Fleece and some kind of platform, and a way to hand it all. You can do it!


Happy crafting and planning. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday!

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