Enough Birds?

I have been throwing around the phrase “down-sizing” like a blessing for the last three years or so. I am exactly at the limits of my energy and time with the flock I have now. But I still wish to breed some of my birds and possibly hand feed chicks when possible.

For instance, my beautiful cockatiel pair continues to give me amazing babies. The chicks go to great homes even when not hand fed, as they will make good breeders for other aviculturists. I’ve pulled the only chick from their second clutch this year and hope they will give me a couple more before I pull the nest box.


Ash and Mom-bird in front


My finches have finally adjusted to the outside aviary and to having a pair of ringneck doves in with them. This is a temporary arrangement because I am putting the doves in the opportunity raffle in January at my bird club. I had five beautiful chicks leave the nest a few days ago and another nest has three or four chicks in it. I’m battling the mice who invaded the aviaries and I seem to be winning at the moment.

I have two pairs of American parakeets outside who will get nest boxes soon. I was given a male English budgie, a beautiful guy that we named Eddie. Finding a female seemed impossible, then by coincidence, I asked about them at the local bird specialty store. Someone had just brought in a cage full of English budgies. The cage contained four males and one female. She came home with me.


Columbia and Eddie – camera shy, on floor of cage.


I had thought I would be traveling north to the big Bird Mart at Pomona to find her but found her practically in my back yard. While telling a friend about this semi-miracle, she said, “You have enough birds. You don’t need any more.” I laughed and thanked her for sharing, then finished telling her the story.

Eddie and Columbia are inside at the moment because I didn’t think she had been outside before and had been in the bird store at least two days. Too long to risk putting her outside. They will have to wait until summer.


The Indian ringnecks show no signs of breeding or nesting, but Orion still appears to be female. The gray singing finches and the green singing finches inside also don’t appear interested in breeding. They can’t be in the main finch aviary due to aggressive personalities. So again, they have to wait until summer and a plan to get them into individual cages.

maynard helping week one

None of my other birds are breeders. I love them all and look forward to many days of sharing life with them. I constantly think of ways to make their lives happier and healthier, so with luck, they will be around for a long time. Because you really can’t have enough birds.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday.

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