Why Amazon Parrots are Green

Over the holidays, I bird sat some chicks that were being hand fed a couple times per day. Five were lovebirds, two were sun conures, and one was a male Eclectus parrot. The last is such a beautiful bird to have around at Christmas. His feathers glow a deep green with a touch of red at his wing edges.

He’s so adorable with his huge eyes and love of keeping me company. I didn’t know eccies (as they are called by those who know them) were good talkers. This baby seems to be trying to say things, but mostly he squawks. Not a very endearing noise. He’s bought and paid for, so we can’t give him a real name, but my husband suggested Ergo. Don’t ask.


Lately, Maynard, my double yellow Amazon parrot, has been getting limited out time in the house but as much outside as weather allows. The reason for limiting inside time is two-fold. One is that he is insistent on being destructive of furniture, cabinets, books, and anything he can get his little beak on. I have a new play stand that might solve that problem if he likes it and stays on it without screaming.

The second reason is that he enjoys attacking the dog, Tilda, too much. He will track her down and corner her to attempt to bite her. So far she gets away without injury, but I am vitally concerned that she might attack him if she has no other options.


Maynard is doing this out of jealousy. He’s always been jealous of my husband and the other larger parrots in the house. He thought we have another green parrot! He became a non-stop green monster. As soon as I started to feed Ergo, Maynard screamed for “Mama!” I can talk soothingly to him or I can ignore him, nothing stops him. So he was getting times out while covered three times per day.

Luckily, Ergo cut back to one feeding per day and is eating a lot more of the great pellet and seed mix my friend provided. https://www.amazon.com/Vitakraft-Menu-Vitamin-Fortified-Parrot/dp/B005BV1W00/ref=pd_sim_199_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B005BV1W00&pd_rd_r=QH8GAC6ZJV2MEWV30C1Y&pd_rd_w=7PepW&pd_rd_wg=qmb38&psc=1&refRID=QH8GAC6ZJV2MEWV30C1Y Maynard now only screams non-stop once a day. Unless he realizes I am feeding the sun conures or lovebirds. An Amazon can’t change his feathers overnight. On average, he needs a month. http://www.2ndchance.info/molt.htm


I love being able to interact with different types of parrots in this way, learning about them but not having to commit to them for years and years. Eccies are one bird species I love to look at and play with when I can. But under no circumstances, this late in my life, will I adopt one unless it’s old.



Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Sunday!

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