The Adventures of Pineapple

One of my “rescued” cockatiels is a beautiful pied male named Pineapple. I didn’t so much rescue him, as he was in a good home and well-taken-care-of, but his people had gotten busy and wanted better interaction for him, either with people or other cockatiels. The best part of this is that his people were meeting us in Las Vegas for a gathering of several like-minded friends who had until then only met online.

Pineapple was handed off to a very nice boarding facility by the original owners, then picked up by us on our way out of Vegas. We got to interact with him at the boarding place before we packed him up and discovered him to be an absolute sweet bird who liked people. We had no trouble with the switch and would gladly board any pets there in the future. If I can ever remember the name of the place.


Who, me?


Settled in his cage in the back seat, Pineapple chattered a little on the long drive to San Diego. He didn’t get more than a brief look from the border crossing folks when we got back to California. Occasionally he will sing “Pop Goes the Weasel” out of nowhere. It’s adorable.

In the community cage inside, Pineapple got out time almost every day and had his eye on a little lutino number as a possible mate. She already had bonded to a normal gray male, who did not think Pineapple should be looking at his mate. Feathers flew and separate cages were set up for the couple.


Left to right: Ash, Mombird, and recent offspring


When summer rolled around, I decided that Pineapple would be happier and healthier out in the big flight cage with other cockatiels. A different group that he could start over with. He seemed happy to be out there, and would still whistle his song now and then when I was out feeding and watering.

I have two excellent breeding cockatiels, Ash and MomBird. They give me albinos and white-faced grays. They are bonded and will start right away when a nest box is provided. In those days, I let the community have nests and whoever was up to it lay the eggs and hatch the babies. I noticed I didn’t get as many babies after Pineapple moved in. Sometimes the eggs I counted would disappear. I have no evidence of any wrong-doing by the newcomer, but I did see that he wanted MomBird.

Between Ash and Pineapple existed a bit of a rivalry, in spite of the fact that MomBird never looked his way. So when I got a couple breeding cages set up as “out-rigger” cages from the air lock, I decided to move MomBird and Ash into their own luxury apartment with a nest box. This worked well, giving me a regular amount of babies for a couple years.


The Airlock. All that separates Pineapple from the Love of his LIfe.


As you may think, Pineapple was against this situation. Any time he could get out of the aviary into the airlock, he would head straight over to MomBird and plead his case. Obviously, she could not go to him. And I had to shoo him back into the proper area. Then one day, MomBird went into the airlock and went to check on Pineapple! They talked through the bars, catching up apparently. But in the end, she returned to her nest box and her usual mate.

I may give the best breeders some time back in the large aviary and put Pineapple in the breeding cage with a girl. If he gets over his infatuation and gives Missy a chance, I might have some amazing pearl and pied chicks soon. Fingers always crossed.


I’ll get to you, my pretty!


Thanks for reading. I’ll be back next Sunday.

2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Pineapple

  1. So much fun seeing this post about pineapple.

    We sometimes get a little sad that he isn’t with us anymore, but we’re very glad he’s with you now. 🙂

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